A Ban on Bicycles in One Colorado Town

In Black Hawk, Colorado, police are handing out tickets to bicyclists who ride through town.

Black Hawk, Colorado is facing opposition from bicycling advocacy groups. The tiny, former mining town had just 118 full-time residents as of a 2000 census, but it has a collection of casinos, hotels and gambling facilities, and bicycles are apparently in the way. So the town has become the first in the nation to ban bicycle riding on most streets.

Michael Copp, city manager of Black Hawk, says that the bicycling ban ordinance was passed due to potential safety issues that could arise from the influx of traffic on the shoulder-less, narrow streets.

"[The council members] believe their actions are what’s best for its citizens in Black Hawk, which are casinos and their patrons," Copp said.

The ordinance was passed in January of this year, but didn’t take effect until this month. Anyone caught riding their bicycle on the eight streets included in the ordinance will receive a $68 ticket. The town has thus far given out eight such tickets. The town and ordinance are receiving heated opposition from groups like Bicycle Colorado, a bicycling advocacy group, as Congress has just passed a report showing that more people in the U.S. are using bikes as a regular mode of transportation.

Source: Denver Post