A Guide To Britain’s Food and Beverages

Most of you immediately start thinking fish and chips or black pudding with the mere mention of British cuisine. Some would go on as far to say that Britain has the worst national cuisine in Europe.

Daria Shevtsova from PexelsThis is the opinion of ignorant people as British cuisine certainly has something tasty and new to offer.

British restaurants have a whole range of items on the menu that tourists and newcomers need to try. Unfortunately much of the unused food goes to waste and is collected by garbage pickups since Britain as many other developing countries employ a wasteful culture.

Nevertheless, if you are in the area and wish to try some of the specialties, here is what we suggest.

Cup of Tea

Starting with the most traditional beverage that England has – Cup of tea or afternoon tea, as some would prefer it. Wiser people would know that this does not only include tea. Oh no, not at all. Besides getting a strong, full cup of tea you will also be getting some snacks. Bread and butter cookies are the most traditional ones but some include even sandwiches. Quite enough for a short wholesome snack.

Fish and Chips

Of course we were going to include fish ‘n’ chips on our list, we were always going to! Both the fish and the chips are fried in crispy batter and the fish used is in most cases cod or haddock. So there isn’t any confusion, the chips used here are the equivalent of French Fries in the US.

Full English Breakfast

Full English breakfast is also what many call a weekend breakfast. The ingredients can vary though. The most usual ones include eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, grilled tomato, some beans, fried potatoes, mushrooms, and black (blood) pudding. Maybe it is too much for some but it is more than enough to get you through the whole day.

Strawberries and Cream

Pure and simple, probably the best kind of dessert across the entire British Isles. Some say that it is even better and sweeter than chocolate. You get it usually when strawberries are ripe in early summer. No special way of preparing it, you just need the two and work it out from there.


Crumpets are often consumed in the afternoon during tea time. And of course traditionally they are served with tea. They are almost like muffins but have a different and a rather distinctive texture to it. They are soft and crumbly but very tasty and can go with any type of tea.

Yorkshire Pudding

When we say pudding in Britain, we don’t mean anything sweet. It is the same case with Yorkshire pudding which is actually made out of drippings of a roast or mutton. It is captured while the meat cooks looks like a very large popover. In most situations it is served as part of the traditional roast dinner.

Roast Dinner

The Roast Dinner, also called the Roast Sunday, is a meal consumed on Sunday in most of Britain. It is the main part of British cuisine and always includes a delicious side of roast topped off with some gravy. It usually includes roasted meat (lamb in most cases), roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding (see above). But also some stuffing, vegetables and gravy. There are various kinds of vegetables that can be used here and mostly depends on the taste of the family. Also instead of gravy, some families decide to serve cheese sauces.

There you have it! Tasty, isn’t it. We date you not to try some of these specialties next time when you are on the way to England.