A Lonely Hara-Kiri

We’re lost on a mote flying through space
Shaken from the cosmic dust bag
And thoughtlessly sent flying midst
Trillions of other nameless motes
Towards an unknown fate.

The cacophony we live in fools us.
We imagine the universe like a bustling city
But it is a vast and empty void
With no care for the anxious mind.

In this cold, forbidding place
The only warmth is in the heart,
If we are lucky enough to find it.

We’re putting our finger on the scale of fate
And go on pressing it firmly.
We cannot blame chance for the climate calamity,
Our doing is our own undoing.

Climate change may kill us
But that won’t even register
On the seismograph of the universe
No god will notice, let alone come to our aid.

Nor did the universe celebrate our accidental arrival,
Or our brief existence,
And it is just as unlikely to pay any heed
To our self-administered departure.

We are paying the price for our self-absorption
And the wanton destruction of life.
The ship is sinking, and prayers do not avail
So go get a bucket and bail.