ppe waste

Are We Burying Ourselves In PPE Waste? The impact of COVID-19 on our waste stream could last decades

PPE waste is a big environmental concern now given we are discarding hundreds of billions of disposable masks & gloves every month globally.

Bill Gates. Credit: OnInnovation.

Bill Gates Knows How To Avoid A Climate Disaster

In How To Avoid A Climate Disaster, Bill Gates sets out a practical plan for how the world can get to zero emissions before it’s too late.


Earth’s Energy Imbalance: The Number to Watch

Is Earth’s energy imbalance a better measure of the severity of climate change than just monitoring CO2 concentrations and surface temps?

anwr drilling update

ANWR Drilling Update: Trump Wants Seismic Testing ASAP If re-elected, Trump says will sell oil extraction leases on sensitive Coastal Plain by end of 2021

Trump is pushing for seismic testing now and wants oil extraction to begin on the sensitive coastal plain of ANWR by the end of 2021.