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  • Undiscovered Florida
    Think Florida vacation and the mind turns inevitably to Disney World, which takes up 47 square miles of prime Orlando real estate and is as big as San Francisco. But there's another side of Florida, one that places you amid some of the nicest white sand beaches anywhere, and within shouting distance of the state's unique and sporadically protected wildlife.


  • Sun Shines
    The rise of solar energy as a viable technology contributing to a clean electricity future is exciting enough, but equally compelling is the industry's ability to create well-paying, life-enhancing jobs. Several studies have reached the same conclusion: the solar industry—and renewable energy in general—is much more impressive at creating jobs than the fossil fuel industry.


  • Just Juice
    All-Natural Choices Avoid Synthetic Additives and Refined Sugar A dizzying array of ingredients and brands are available to consumers who are simply trying to find the healthiest juice. In your grocer's cooler today are energy drinks, smoothies, blends, "old-fashioned" styles, herbals, all-natural juices and frozen juice from concentrate. What do you reach for, when all […]


  • Wet and Wild
    A growing number of homeowners are realizing they can use water's natural energy to cut down on greenhouse gases. Microhydro for the home may be an ideal option for those who want to generate their own electricity.


  • It's In Her Blood
    A Q&A with Kristin Bauer of HBO’s True Blood In the hit HBO series True Blood, actress Kristin Bauer plays a remorseless, cynical vampire named Pam Ravenscroft who runs the Fangtasia bar along with her vampire “maker” Eric Northman (played by Alexander Skarsgård). Pam is comedic and cutthroat—particularly to humans. When not in character, Bauer […]


  • Kermit Was Wrong: It Is Easy Being Green
    You can easily live a greener lifestyle by taking inspiration from these green thought leaders and making small changes that will pay big dividends for the environment.


  • 9 to 5: Prescriptions for the Sick Office
    We Americans spend 90 percent of our life indoors. More than half of that time is spent in office buildings, where we toil in workspaces filled with stale, recycled air, and labor under the glare of fluorescent lights, without sunlight or views of the outdoors. Nine to five, American office workers breathe in chemicals emitted from synthetic carpets, paints, office furniture and computer equipment, as well as molds and bacteria that slither through heating and ventilation systems. All of which can prompt sneezing, stuffy noses, headaches, fatigue, asthma attacks, dry throats, watery eyes--and even a trip to the hospital, as Joann Taylor discovered.