Stunning Abandoned Places Around the World

It is really hard to imagine that on a planet of around 7 billion people living on it there would be entirely abandoned places. But it’s true! There are many areas around the world that are entirely unpopulated or are left abandoned due to some unforeseen circumstances.

There are many towns all over the globe that are now left to the elements and have been abandoned for some reason. Moving to these places would be entirely difficult even with the help of a moving company as it some cases they are completely cut off from anything else.

Let’s check out some of these eerily beautiful abandoned structures left all over the world.

Bodie – California

Bodie, California. Credit: Todd Lappin, FlickrCC

Bodie is a legit ghost town, the one that you would see in cowboy movies. It is located in California, just near the Nevada state line. It is close to the Sierra Nevada mountain range and some 75-miles away from Lake Tahoe.

Bodie experienced its boom during the gold rush era. The town was flooded with visitors and minors who sought their fortune. But after the well ran dry everybody left and now stands as a Historic Landmark protected by the Bodie Foundation.  

Craco – Italy

Even though the village of Craco still stands to this day, there are zero residents currently in it.  Massive immigration that happened in the 20s which saw much of the population move either to the North or the US was the one reason while the other was a massive earthquake that happened in 1980. Nevertheless, Craco is still famous as movies such as King David and The Passion of the Christ were filmed there.

Tawergha – Libya

Tawergha’s situation is much fresher than some other places on this list. In fact, this town earned its status of a ghost town some seven years ago during the Libyan Civil War. During that period many of the residents were displaced or massively moved away from the city. Some 250 of them still reside in a nearby village not far from Tawergha, but the city itself is completely abandoned.

Humberstone – Chile

The city of Humberstone in Chile was important for one thing in the past – the mining of potassium nitrate. Between the 1880s and 1930s, it was considered as the biggest world’s supply of it and was a huge export for the entire country. Its main importance back then was that it was used to make gunpowder. However, once the mining stopped some 3,500 people just went away and left the town as it is. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 Varosha – Cyprus

The city of Varosha situated in Cyprus just off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea was once the main tourist attraction for people from all over the world. Interestingly enough, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor used to come there often on their vacations. However, the town is located in the Famagusta section of the island and everybody left once the Turkish side invaded. Varosha is uninhabited since 1974 and is currently forbidden for visitors by the Turkish Government.

Mandu – India

The city of Mandu in India is probably one of the oldest abandoned places that still stands. In fact, it was established in 1526, some 400 years ago, as a part of the Mughal Empire, which was the second-strongest Empire of that part of the world back then. But what makes things really impressive here is that even though the structures are so old they have managed to withstand the sands of time. Much of the places are made out of marble and they are still there the same as they were some 400 years ago. Who knows how long it will last.