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Your Readers are Information Hungry

According to a 2007 Gallup Poll, 77 percent of Americans say they

worry "a great deal" about the environment. And the average

citizen is not only concerned, but actually takes action in support

of those beliefs. Ninety percent recycle, 83 percent have taken concrete

steps to reduce energy use, and 83 percent are trying to use less


That same 83 percent consciously avoids environmentally harmful products,

and 73 percent have bought environmentally beneficial products. Forty

percent of Americans have donated money to an environmental group,

31 percent have signed petitions, and 20 percent have attended meetings.

People are interested in the environment, and are even willing to

go out of their way to support it. But in many cases they lack the

basic information about the environment, or about how to make green

lifestyle changes. A joint Hamilton College/Zogby International poll

in 2007 found that, despite An Inconvenient Truth, average

American high school students think that climate change will have

no consequences for them in their lifetime, and are unable to pass

a simple quiz on its causes and consequences.

A 2007 Yale poll found that 96 percent of Americans agree that it

is important for homeowners to use energy-efficient appliances and

94 percent think that auto manufacturers should be required to make

more fuel-efficient cars. But these same citizens say they’re unsure

how to transform their commitments into action.

According to the BBC, Americans recently interviewed on the streets

of Washington, D.C. expressed frustration at how to better the environment,

saying they felt there was little they could do." Indeed, people

aren’t always able to grasp the impact of their personal choices;

some 44 percent of those surveyed agreed with the statement, "What

I do does not impact the health of natural habitats."

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EarthTalk Can Help

EarthTalk, begun in 1996 in E – The Environmental

Magazine, answers readers’ burning questions on a wide range

of environmental topics — from rainforests to recycling, and "from

the global village to our own backyards":

"Is genetically modified food safe for human consumption?"

"Are the rumors true that refilling and reusing some types

of plastic bottles can cause health problems?"

"What happens to my cell phone after I upgrade? If I leave

it behind at the store, do the companies really recycle them?"

"How do hybrid cars economize on fuel and pollute less?"

"Are my kids breathing in toxic fumes by taking the school


"What are the ramifications for shorelines around the world

if predictions about rising sea levels due to global warming actually

come true?"

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Public demand for environmental information is growing right alongside

the booming market for green products. Readers want the issues sorted

out for them — the facts presented succinctly, in plain language,

and with clear action items.

EarthTalk provides thoughtful, concise

answers that give readers solid and balanced environmental information

— plus contact information for relevant environmental organizations,

companies, websites and government departments-so readers can research

topics further if they so choose. EarthTalk

also provides insights, ideas and tips on how one can "green

up" his or her own lifestyle-and helps people plug into broader

efforts to safeguard the global environment.

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Your Advertising


EarthTalk will also help you attract a very strong

group of advertisers, both from your local market and from

national buys. The environmental marketplace is one of the fastest

growing consumer markets in the world. EarthTalk will

appeal strongly to the growing number of people interested in natural

foods and personal care products, hybrid vehicles, organic gardening,

"eco-travel," energy-efficient appliances, alternative medicine,

nature books and other environmentally friendly products and services.

According to The New York Times, when taken together these

categories account for a $230 billion market. And Natural Foods

Merchandiser reports that natural food and personal care products

sales grew 9.7 percent in 2006 to reach $56.7 billion. Organic produce

sales topped $3 billion in sales in 2006, up 11.5 percent from 2005.

Natural personal-care product sales grew 18.4 percent, and organic

personal care 21.1 percent. Organic pet food and treats is now an

$85 million market, up 31.2 percent over 2005.

Nationally, the number of like-minded advertisers with substantial

budgets to penetrate these local markets is growing. Let EarthTalk

help create a draw for you for these ready advertisers.

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How to Begin Receiving EarthTalk

There are several ways that EarthTalk

can be received:

— E-Mail: Most of our clients receive EarthTalk

via e-mail.

— Mail or FAX: If you do not have Internet

access or reliable e-mail, we can mail or FAX the column to you

each week.

— RSS Feed: Webmasters can elect to download

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— Web Page: EarthTalk

is also posted online, in the event you would prefer to download

it that way (copy and paste), OR if you’d like to simply post a

link to the column from your website.

Each installment consists of two questions submitted by readers

of EarthTalk or E Magazine and our

editors’ responses. We also provide two FREE photos (use

optional) with each weekly installment of the column, along

with suggested captions for each.

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About E – The Environmental Magazine

E – The Environmental Magazine is a bimonthly "clearinghouse"

of information, news and commentary on environmental topics and concerns.

E reports on all the key and emerging issues: water

and air quality, food safety, energy choices, toxic health threats,

waste recycling, climate change, the impacts of development and sprawl,

the state of our oceans and fisheries, and much more — all with contact

information so people can investigate topics further or get involved

in environmental protection efforts.

E also provides practical information on a range

of "Green Living" topics-healthy and eco-friendly food choices,

the environment and personal health, "eco-travel" trends

and destinations, environmental "house & home" topics,

personal finance "with the Earth in mind," and green consumer

product trends-as a service to readers who seek ways to "green

up" their personal lifestyles and habits.

E has drawn considerable recognition for its style

and content. E has garnered 14 Independent Press

awards and nominations for editorial excellence, and three citations

for covering top issues "overlooked or underreported" by

the mainstream media.

E‘s articles are also widely syndicated to the national

media. In calendar year 2007, over 100 articles from E‘s

pages were selected for republication in other newspapers, magazines

and on-line services. Distributed primarily through featurewell.com,

E articles achieve ample syndication and significant

readership numbers well outside E‘s core readership.

E also publishes the website, emagazine.com,

which now enjoys between 600,000 and 800,000 visitors per month. Along

with E content, emagazine.com features

weekly environmental news and commentary.

E also publishes Our Planet, an electronic newsletter

that offers environmental news and an in-depth commentary to a mix

of media contacts and ordinary citizens. Circulation is presently

38,000 weekly and a FREE subscription can be obtained by visiting:



In late 2003, E introduced its weekly column, EarthTalk,

currently distributed free (and by request only) to over 1,500 newspapers,

magazines and websites.

E has also published two books and is working on

a third. Feeling the Heat: Dispatches from the Frontlines of Climate

Change (Routledge) profiles actual world "hot spots"

where people are already coping with the consequences of climatic

disruption. The book was an expansion of an earlier E Magazine

cover story and was favorably reviewed in many venues, including The

New York Review of Books. You can read about it and/or order

a copy for yourself here: emagazine.com/feeling-the-heat/.

E‘s second book, Green Living: The E Magazine

Handbook for Living Lightly on the Earth (Plume Books), released

in July 2005, is a comprehensive guide to the environmental lifestyle.

From recycling to rainforest protection, Green Living introduces

readers to broad categories of issues, and features a compendium of

green products and services, from organic foods to non-toxic cleaners

to eco-travel options. Like E and EarthTalk,

the book is loaded with contact information so readers can conduct

further research. You can read about it and/or order a copy for yourself

here: emagazine.com/earthtalk-green-living/.

E‘s third book, a question-and-answer book based

on its popular EarthTalk column, will be

published in 2008, again by Plume.

To view our current issue, visit E online at:


E does an excellent job maneuvering between direful statistics

and offering tips on the way each of us can heal the planet.” USA


“ …bursting with good reading …much finely edited material.”

The Washington Post

E ‘the environmental magazine’ lives up to its name with

through yet lively reportage…” – Utne Reader

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