6 Reasons To Add Compost To Your Yard Before Winter

add compost
Credit: Bryn Pinzgauer, FlickrCC

Adding compost to your lawn is an essential part of supporting the soil of your yard. Compost not only adds a vital energy source for the grass but is a great way to help your backyard environment naturally. Check out these reasons to add compost to your yard before winter arrives:

  1. It’s Called Black Gold for A Reason

Gardeners have nicknamed compost “black gold” because of its high energy qualities and rich nutrient color. Compost provides so much energy to the soil that it is a coveted part of every successful garden. The natural characteristics of compost help to secure this nickname in its ability to support the yard’s soil conditions adequately.

  1. Helps Keep Lawns Strong

This added source of energy contributes to support the root system of the lawn during the dormant winter season. Grassroots will use the surrounding nutrients that compost adds to the soil as well as benefit from a slow release fertilizer. Both of these practices will help in providing a boost of energy to the lawn once warmer temperatures arrive in the spring.

  1. Cool Seasons Help Absorption

Adding compost to your yard before the first freeze arrives in your area is essential. Fall and early winter conditions mean that your yard is probably seeing much less use than during the busy spring and summer seasons. This reduction of consumption means that your yard has ample time to slowly absorb the compost and allow the microorganisms to do their work in mixing the compost with the underlying soil.

  1. Compost Fights Against Thatch

Many yards are prone to thatch build up in the fall. This build-up means that the underlying grassroots system of your lawn can sometimes become so much that it begins to choke out the plant itself. Adding compost to your yard will help decompose thatch making it a healthier environment to support the overall lawn.

  1. Deters Soil Compaction

One of the most common ways that a lawn suffers is by being in compacted soil that is too hard to support adequate growing conditions. Tight soil conditions are hard environments for grassroots to thrive and compost can help provide a more hospitable soil environment. Compost works with the soil and is slowly mixed into the soil to produce natural energy.

  1. Naturally Supports the Environment

One of the biggest reasons to add compost to your yard before winter is that it’s an eco-friendly way to care for your lawn and garden. Compost piles are a continuous gardening practice that many gardeners use. Compost typically contains grass clippings, fallen leaves, and food scraps from your home and yard, adding another energy source for the soil. Compost is a natural and effective way to support not only the local environment but your mini backyard environment with good gardening practices.

Choosing to add compost to your yard before winter is essential in providing your soil with enough energy to withstand the cooler temperatures. The slower fall season allows the lawn to properly absorb the compost without too much foot traffic as well. Being a natural fighter against thatch and soil compaction also makes adding compost a logical choice for a healthy lawn. Naturally supporting the environment is also one of the other reasons to add compost to your yard before winter arrives.

Kelly Holland is a gardening and landscape design writer who loves experimenting in her kitchen. Her quirky nature loves a bright color palette so naturally, her coveted garden is covered in a rainbow of fruits, vegetable, and flowers.