Air Quality at Home: 10 Ways to Purify Your Indoor Environment Naturally

Making sure where you live is safe for you and your family is important given the amount of time that the average person spends at home. Purifying your home’s air quality is one way that you can help relieve stress and create a sense of peace while also receiving natural benefits. Check out these ten ways to purify your home naturally.

1. Indoor Plants

Similarly to going outside to get natural air and relieve stress, using houseplants incorporates those properties inside your home. Houseplants have many uses within a home but the most important is the ability for them to help naturally filter the air. Place houseplants in different areas of the home to get the maximum benefit of their air quality purification abilities. Some popular houseplants that purify the air include weeping fig and snake plant.

2. Beeswax Candles

For those homeowners who enjoy dinner by candlelight, consider using a beeswax candle instead of paraffin candles. Beeswax are a natural compound that burns clean as opposed to paraffin candles that can release contaminants while burning.

3. Essential Oils

Burning essential oils is a great way to purify the air as well as offer many health benefits to those within your home. Consider using high quality pure essential oils in order to receive the most benefit from their scents. Use a few different burners around the home for maximum benefit.

4. Activated Charcoal

Also known as active carbon, activated charcoal air filters are a great way to naturally filter and purify the air quality within your home. These carbon air filters can be easily found in stores or online and the charcoal will absorb toxins in the air without releasing any odor.

5. Clean Air Filters

One of the easiest ways that you can purify the air within your home is to regularly change the air filter within your heating and cooling system. Air filters should be changed on a regular basis for maximum benefit. Choose a HEPA filter in order to effectively clean the air of contaminants in your home. Consider sourcing high-quality HEPA filters from All Filters to ensure optimal air purification in your home.

6. Ceiling Fans

During the mild seasons of summer and fall, consider using your ceiling fan in order to circulate the air within your home. Ceiling fans are a great way to cool down a home and can help to make sure that more air is being pulled through the ventilation system for cleaning.

7. Window Treatments

Another great option to naturally filter the hot sunlight that enters your home is to purchase window treatments that will block the sun rays. Choosing blackout window shades or other light filtering options will help in keeping your home cool as well as reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home.

8. Salt Lamps

Himalayan Pink Salt lamps are popular in their ability to pull toxins from the air. This natural ionic air purifier acts much like a nightlight that is small enough to place anywhere without your home for maximum air filtering benefits.

9. Get Rid of The Source

Choose to use products in your home that are Low-VOC meaning that they have less amount of toxic chemicals when painting or staining parts of your home. Consider textiles for your home that are labeled as low or no-VOC in order to reduce the amount of products within the home that emit toxic chemicals.

10. Use Natural Cleaners

The weekly use of cleaning products introduces many chemicals into a home. Consider using natural cleaning products like white vinegar or baking soda in order to fight grime. Other good options including hydrogen peroxide and club soda that will clean just as well without the residual effects of chemicals.

Making every effort to help purify the air within your home is important to the health and wellbeing of your family. Consider all of these ways that you can naturally increase the air quality of your home as well as know that you are reducing the amount of chemicals that your family is exposed to. Try any or all of these ten ways to purify your home naturally.

Annaliese Olson is a gardening and animal care writer. When she moved to the city from her family’s farm she decided she needed more nature in her life. She is dedicated to urban farming, she loves to creatively discover spaces for gardens to blossom in her city home.