The Animal-Free app lets you avoid hidden animal ingredients in everything from food to personal care products.
The Animal-Free app is a detailed reference guide for those who want to avoid animal ingredients that may be lurking in everything from personal care products to foods. Browse through a comprehensive list of ingredients that are animal-free, sometimes animal-derived and always animal-derived.

Did you know hydrocortisone contains animal ingredients? It does if derived from an animal’s adrenal glands. So does lanolin (from the oil glands of sheep), used in lots of skin-care products, and stearic acid, a fat from cows, sheep and even dogs and cats that is used in everything from cosmetics to gum to food flavoring.

This app breaks down most of the mystery ingredients and additives you’ll find, including commonly misunderstood or unfamiliar vegan ingredients, making it an easy way for any vegetarian or vegan to shop without worry.

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