Applying Pressure

Once no more than a sneaking suspicion, the link between environmental influences and children’s health is now enjoying newfound legitimacy, thanks in part to the efforts of the following agencies and organizations. These groups play an important role in raising public awareness and applying pressure to both government and corporate entities. Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation — educates and supports families of children with cancer and the survivors and professionals who care for them. Tel: (301) 962-3520,

Center for Health Environment and Justice — runs nationwide "Child-Proofing Our Communities" campaigns to eliminate environmental health hazards from schools and day care centers. Tel: (703) 237-2249,

Children’s Environmental Health Network — advocates improved state and national children’s health policies and develops resources for pediatric caregivers. Tel: (202) 543-4033,

Children’s Health Environmental Coalition — works to protect children’s rights to a healthy environment by educating legislators and mobilizing concerned parents. Tel: (609) 252-1915,

Consumers Union — actively assesses health effects and risks from a wide variety of sources, educates consumers and lobbies for change. Tel: (914) 378-2000,

Environmental Research Foundation — publishes Rachel’s Environment and Health Weekly, which identifies health trends and relays, in point-blank language, the findings of significant studies. Tel: (410) 263-1584,

Environmental Working Group — reports on national environmental policy issues, including toxic chemicals in food. Tel: (202) 667-6982,

Institute for Children’s Environmental Health — coordinates the National Partnership for Children’s Health and the Environment to build collaboration between diverse campaigns and initiatives. Tel: (360) 221-7995,

National Environmental Trust — its "Safe Kids Now" campaign shows parents how to protect kids from dangers such as phthalates, and the organization works to enact political change. Tel: (202) 887-8800,

Natural Resources Defense Council — monitors government agencies and conducts policy research, using lawsuits to forward such issues as setting pesticide standards for children. Tel: (212) 727-2700,

Physicians for Social Responsibility — conducts public education, research and policy work for public health-related environmental issues, including the latent danger of neurotoxins. Tel: (202) 667-4260,