Are Hurricane-Proof Homes the Way of the Future?

Hurricanes are not a new weather phenomenon but with each season causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage it’s quickly becoming a climate crisis. Looking back on data from 50, 60, and even 70 years ago, hurricane damage was nowhere near as expensive, but that has a lot to do with industrialization, population growth, and inflation. The fact is that there are now more structures and people that stand in the path of potential hurricanes.

So while there isn’t much people can do in terms of controlling the weather and weather patterns, there is plenty they can do in building safer more hurricane-proof homes. Here’s a closer look at hurricane-proof building design and why it’s the way of the future.

What Is Hurricane-Proof Design?

The damage from hurricanes can be severe thanks to extreme flooding and powerful winds. They are two elements that are hard for any home to stand up to, especially if there aren’t any hurricane-proof features in the design.

Experts are now weighing in and proposing several smart design features and materials that are meant to minimize and even prevent damage from occurring. It’s not usually just one solution, but rather a number that work in combination with each other to give the home more strength and integrity.

Some of the current hurricane-proof design practices being used or discussed include:

  • Picking stronger materials to build with
  • Better location site planning
  • Backup power supplies for the home
  • Shear walls and strapping to prevent tipping over and/or coming apart

Concrete Home Designs May Be One of the Most Exciting Options

Technology is involved in just about every industry out there today, and hurricane-proof home designs are no exception. One example of hurricane-proof house design uses 3D concrete printing technology. Not only is it cutting-edge in terms of technology, but it’s also proving to be effective and affordable. The more accessible technology becomes, the more you’ll start seeing it in practice and put it to use.

Concrete can do an excellent job when it comes to withstanding the high force of the winds and rain and can transform the way a house manages in these severe storms. It can mean the difference between destruction and just minor damage. Standout features of a concrete home include:

  • Extreme strength
  • Durability
  • Long lifespan
  • Material is highly accessible

A concrete home can resist damage from storms, floods, high winds, and fire so don’t be surprised to see more and more of these homes being built. Some experts are now labelling concrete as the top choice when it comes to hurricane-proof home materials.

Rebuilding After Hurricane Damage – Adopt Hurricane-Proof Measures

Another trend that is popping up is adopting hurricane-proof home designs and measures when rebuilding after damage. Rather than just putting the same structure back using the original materials and design, architects are providing smarter plans and designs that address future needs. This can prevent massive problems and destruction down the road.

Hurricane Proofing Is the Way of the Future

Because it’s impossible to stop these storms from forming, it seems that hurricane-proof home designs are the smart way of the future.