Are More Women Choosing Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation instead of Silicone?

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure that plenty of women undertake. This is often done in a bid to enhance their appearance and size. There are plenty of factors to consider when undertaking this procedure, such as cost, recovery time, and the as well as mode, that is fat transfer or the use of implants. Women have been turning to the use of fat transfer as opposed to the use of silicone implants due to advantages as highlighted below:

1. Has a more natural appearance

There is a wide range of implants available all in different sizes to fit the requests for various women. This is an advantage because if a person wants to go significantly bigger, they can do so with ease given that there aren’t any medical risks involved. However, implants are synthetic and while they can be shaped to whatever shape or size one desires, they can be a bit plastic-looking. For a more natural look, fat transfer breast augmentation may be the best way to go. Since you will be using material from your own body, your breasts will have a softer feel and natural movement. If you wish to get this procedure Ruston Sanchez, MD Plastic Surgery performs fat transfer breast augmentation in Baton Rouge. You can visit their website and book a session.

2. Reduces the risk of rejection

Since implants are made of synthetic material, there runs the risk of the body rejecting the foreign object. Moreover, implants can lead to more complications if they rupture which can lead to pain or deformation of the breast. This risk is mitigated with the use of fat transfer as the process is being carried out without a natural substance, the fat cells from one’s own body. Furthermore, when implants are aged they are more likely to rupture, which means that a person would need to have the procedure redone. The use of fat transfer for breast augmentation therefore would lead to long-lasting effects which would not likely need to be redone.

3. Can help sculpt other parts of your body

As explained in the name, fat transfer breast augmentation employs the use of fat cells within the body. The procedure is performed in the manner whereby the surgeon will extract fat cells from other parts of the body such as the hips or abdomen through liposuction. The fat is then cleaned up, after which it is then transferred to the breasts to enhance their shape and size. With this procedure therefore one can easily kill two birds with one stone, as one will have their desired breast size and reduce other areas of the body. Losing fat in the hips or belly can prove to be a challenge, as weight loss requires a lot of commitment and consistency. With the use of liposuction, however, this reduction can be achieved.

Before undertaking any steps, consult a cosmetic surgeon with your goals as they will be best placed to highlight all the risks and advantages surrounding fat transfer breast augmentation. This will ensure that you make an informed decision.