Are Sugar Gliders Good Pets? Let’s Find Out!

It fits into the palm of your hand and loves to cuddle. Who wouldn’t want an adorable sugar glider as a pet?

The tiny marsupials are native to New Guinea, Indonesia, and Australia and are fast becoming an extremely popular exotic pet.

But are sugar gliders good pets? Beyond the controversy that surrounds keeping wild animals as pets, there are a few things that you should know about keeping sugar gliders as pets.

Sugar Glider Behavior

These little marsupials are playful, energetic, and cuddly. They love to climb and are very active. Having enough space for your sugar glider to explore, climb, and move, is essential for their quality of life. They may be small, but their enclosure needs to be big.

They are also very social animals and can get lonely without a friend. If you want a sugar glider pet, consider getting two so that they always have company. As they are highly social animals, they can suffer from depression, emotional distress, physical distress if kept alone.

Remember, sugar gliders are nocturnal. So you can expect them to be nestled up and sleeping all day and active at night. They are very vocal, so if you like a good night’s sleep, it may not be the pet for you.

Regularly interact with your sugar glider to create a bond. They are not commonly aggressive and will be vocal if they feel scared or threatened. Be gentle and patient and eventually a sugar glider will love to cuddle with you.

Sugar Glider Diet

By far the most limiting aspect of keeping a sugar glider as a pet is their very strict dietary requirements. The sugar glider diet is extremely complex and seasonal and if you cannot provide the correct food, they will certainly suffer from malnutrition.

In the wild, their diet consists of tree sap and nectar, fruit, pollen, and insects.

You will need to recreate this diet at home with nectar drinks, vitamins, and supplements, pollen, and fruit.

Caring For Sugar Gliders if They Get Sick

You cannot pop down to your local vet when your sugar glider is sick or injured. Most vets don’t have the skills to work on marsupials. You’ll need to identify a vet that is comfortable working with exotic pets.

Luckily, they don’t require vaccinations and rarely get sick with the common ailments that domestic pets suffer from.

Self-mutilation caused by stress is the most common health problem with sugar gliders. That is why it is extremely important to provide the correct care, diet, and environment for them.

Buying a Sugar Glider

Finding a reputable breeder is of utmost importance. The seller needs to provide the origin, health history, and temperament of the sugar glider.

A sugar glider costs between $100 to $500, with younger gliders being more expensive.

Are Sugar Gliders Good Pets?

There are a lot of amazing qualities of a sugar glider that makes it a good pet. They’re playful, cute, and cuddly. However, they are not a good pet for inexperienced pet owners and their care is complex.

Are sugar gliders good pets? The answer is yes IF you can provide them with a lot of space and the correct diet and if you’re okay with a very loud little night creature.

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