Warm Wishes Arm Warmers, Fleece Zip-Ups, iPad Sleeves and More


Signs that you may need arm warmers: You live somewhere that is currently cold and: a) you are always texting, browsing or playing games on a handheld device; b) you walk a dog/dogs; c) you still prefer to wear sleeveless fashions. Recycled Knit Arm Warmers ($36) from Uncommon Goods are here to help. Handmade in Colorado from recycled shredded wool sweaters, they come in brown/pink, blue/gray or plum/green and feature a small outside pocket on one warmer. uncommongoods.com


Fleece jackets serve a lot of purposes: They block the wind, they provide snuggly warmth and, if you’re lucky, they look good, too. Outdoor gear maker Marmot goes one step better with its latest Polartec Recycled Line: featuring the stylish men’s zip-up fleece Warmlight Jacket ($100) in breathable, durable fabric that’s made of at least 50% recycled content. There’s nice attention to detail, from the trimmed inside flap protecting chin from zipper, to ultra-soft lining inside the collar and chest, to three zippered pockets, two with special hand-warming fabric and one on a contrasting front panel. Available in green, blue, red, gray and black. marmot.com


There are many versions of the handmade iPad sleeve on the craft site Etsy, but few add the sophisticated touch of former tweed suit coats stitched together in geometric blocks with added decorative buttons. Seller SewMuch Style out of Wisconsin ensures your iPad is nestled safely inside the Recycled Suitcoat Bag ($48) with an inner lining made of padded fabric laminated to foam and uses a recycled leather tab and trunk latch for keeping the bag closed. The back of each bag features a large pocket perfect for storing the charger. Each bag is custom made, so you can decide if you want your sleeve to lean brown, black, navy, green or burgundy. etsy.com/shop/sewmuchstyle


Can we live without drinking straws? Probably. But we can definitely live without the plastic versions that linger in landfills and pollute our oceans with more plastic waste. Responsible party supply company Susty Party has found a happy medium with their Biodegradable Striped Paper Straws ($7.50/144). These candy cane-striped, retro straws come in red-and-white, blue-and-white, black-and-white, gray-and-white, pink-and-white and green-and-white combos; they also biodegrade in less than 180 days in a commercial composting facility, supplying fun sipping without the long-term consequences. sustyparty.com


German toymaker Haba has a new line of baby products designed not only to soothe the little one to sleep but also to keep chemicals at bay. Musical pull-toys for infants include Benji Bunny and Pudgie Puppy ($29/each), equally cute and cuddly and made with 100% organic cotton and thread. Inside, the music toys feature Oeko-Tex polyester filling which the company says is an eco-friendly alternative to other fills that holds its shape and resists mold after washing. habausa.com


The first thing that attracted me to Earthly Body’s Love Hair Elixir ($22/2 oz.) was that it was vegan and sulfate- and paraben-free. It also worked wonders for my hair—absorbing into each strand, wet or dry, and delivering a combination of softness and non-greasy shine. Made with hemp and argan oil, the elixir works to protect your hair from thermal styling, prevent split ends, fight frizz and shield hair from sun and wind damage. And a little goes a long way. earthlybody.com