Awesome Gift Ideas For A Coffee Lover

No one could blame your coffee lover aficionado friend if he or she routinely complains about the quality of the coffee we drink. They are mostly made from over-roasted beans and have been stored for many months before being finally consumed. It is all for the better if your friend has recently bought themself a decent French press coffee maker. It is also time you helped your friend, or any other coffee fan dear to you, to take their love for coffee to the next level. 

The following gift ideas will help them become a true coffee alchemist and enjoy the most pleasing coffee elixir out there. 

Insulated Tumblers 

The simple design sported by double-walled vacuum insulated tumblers helps to preserve the beverage temperature. If you like your coffee or other beverages hot or cold, you can maintain that through the two walls. Usually, these walls are built using stainless steel. However, other materials like glass, ceramic, and plastic can also be used for the purpose. Consult the reviews of insulated tumblers at to learn more about different kinds. The reviews test the efficacy and feature set of all the leading insulated tumblers available on the market today. In the tumbler, the two walls stand apart from each other in a vacuum, or in other words, there is no air between the two layers.

 The vacuum does not let heat escape through air conduction. It serves as a barrier between the atmosphere and your favorite drink. In this context, you might remember the old school lesson about objects with different temperatures trying to achieve equilibrium in the amount of heat. Convection, conduction, and radiation are three means used to accomplish this.

By employing two walls and a vacuum, heat inside cannot escape to the outside environment as there is no air to transfer the same. The same principle also the inside beverage from gaining heat, so you have hot and cold drinks stay hot and cold respectively inside such insulated tumblers. 

Coffee Grinder 

You will be surprised at how much a difference excellent and suitable grinders can make in preparing a coffee brew of the most satisfactory order. If you are serious about extracting coffee beans, then consistent grinding of the beans is crucial. Further particular methods of making the brew are more suitable for beans ground in a certain way. For example, if you are using Aeropress or French Press methods of preparing your coffee brew, a relatively coarse grind would be the best fit. For people who use traditional pour-over methods, the best option in most cases is fine coffee bean grinds.

The option to buy pre-ground coffee always remains. Still, if you are looking for the extra amount of taste and refinement from your coffee, you want to grind the coffee beans yourself. The brew’s freshness makes the effort worth it as you relax into your perfect coffee cup. Coffee can serve to provide you more than the kick you need to start your day. It can let you savor a whole gamut of aromas and flavors and make up for refreshment and satisfaction in every sip of the brewed coffee.

There are different types of grinder options open to people looking to buy their coffee grinders. However, in most cases, a burr grinder is going to be your preferred choice. These Burr grinders come with two blades that ensure that all of the beans have been ground with the same consistency levels. A burr grinder will set you back by around $100 and make great gifts for coffee enthusiasts. 


The perfect coffee brew is both a science as well as an art. People’s typical mistake while preparing a refreshing and energizing brew is not correctly balancing the amount of water and coffee beans. In this having a scale negates the need for guesses and gaps. It proves to be critically important if you want a brew that is both consistent and delectable. With a coffee scale, you know just how much ground coffee you are using and makes for a harmonious and suitable blend of coffee and other ingredients.

It is common to find newbie to the world of serious coffee to put the coffee into a drip machine used for making coffee and think that it should be enough. In reality, it is hardly so.

Besides, standard measurement instructions come with vague terms. Suppose someone asks you to put a tablespoon of coffee for each cup that you are making. Now, what does that mean? Is the tablespoon going to be heaped with coffee or level or rounded? Another vague common term is coffee itself. Are we talking about the coffee ground or coffee beans? The differences in the ingredients have the potential to make a massive impact on the cup of coffee you finally make.

Gooseneck Kettle 

If your friend or family member who is also a coffee fan wants to opt for a popular pour-over method of preparing a coffee brew, the kettle assumes great importance. The kettle is where you mix the two primary ingredients of a coffee cup- water and coffee. Ideally, you want the kettle to have a controlled pour feature, which lets the maker extract natural coffee flavors correctly.

This method is a long-standing favorite among many serious coffee drinkers. Your coffee becomes more appealing, and you get physically and mentally involved with your cup, which is often inspiring and rewarding. In the absence of unique kettles meant for preparing coffee, the process is far less appealing and can sometimes be even frustrating.

The gooseneck kettle is, therefore, a necessity for serious coffee drinkers who prefer the pour-over method. A kettle of this type serves to boil water like all other kettles, but the thing that separates them is the gooseneck like a long narrow spout. It may look unconventional, but it is essential and super-useful. 

Options are aplenty for people who want to buy a wonderful gift for a dear one who loves coffee. We have mentioned only some of the product categories you can take your pick from while trying to achieve this. Insulated tumblers and burr grinders are especially recommended as they serve an essential function in the whole process of making and enjoying a cup of coffee. Ground beans will go a long way in enhancing the entire coffee drinking experience, and the tumblers will let them enjoy the drink in the way they want. Happy drinking!