Awesome Landscaping Ideas For Your Lawn


A home is more than just a structure. An attractive yard is an important piece of creating a beautiful home. It increases curb appeal and can make you the envy of the neighborhood. If you’re not a lawn care business expert, landscaping can be scary to jump into since there are so many options of what to do with your space.

Many people turn to landscape companies to build their perfect lawn. But when you opt for outsourcing this personalized work, you can miss out on the fun of making your yard exactly what you want and the excitement of having your hard work pay off.

The good news is you don’t have to be an expert to create a great looking landscape. With a little imagination, you can create the yard of your dreams on your own. Here are five awesome landscaping ideas to help you get moving toward the perfect lawn.

1. Add a Herb Garden

Landscaping doesn’t have to be solely about beauty; functionality is key to making the most of your space. Herbs can be planted among your other flora, in their own bed, or in pots. Most herbs have attractive leaf structures, and options such as lavender, chives, and some mint species even produce flowers.

Low maintenance herbs like rosemary, thyme, and mint are a good choice for adding beauty without much extra work. Look for plants that are perennial, they will come back every year. Having quick access to tasty herbs will improve the look of your green spaces and the taste of your dinner plate!

2. Make it Rustic

Simple touches can really change the feel of your landscape. A great way to make a city space feel cozy is to add some reclaimed items. By shopping at a local thrift store or hitting up garage sales, you can get a great deal on items to spruce up your yard.

An old bicycle can make an excellent decoration, and even provide a place for plants to thrive. One with a basket is a great place to put potted plants. By simply repainting the frame, you can turn a worn-out bike into a masterpiece.

Another item to give your space a homey feel is an outdoor rocking chair. These can also be spruced up from a second-hand purchase with a new coat of paint or stain. By updating the items yourself, you can always be sure your landscaping will match.

3. Incorporate a Rock Garden

Adding a rock garden is especially good for areas with runoff issues. They are easy to create and require minimal maintenance. Plants are likely to pop up between the rocks, so it is important to put some high-quality weed barrier down first.

For a rock garden to be effective, you will want to make sure it is 8 inches deep. This allows for rainwater to settle into the ground as it runs along the rocks. The depth can be lessened as the path is widened.

In the same vein as rock gardens, rain gardens are an excellent option for areas with excessive rainwater. Rain gardens are typically best if they are oval, rather than a path, and contain deep-rooted plants that allow the excess water to seep into the ground. For rain gardens, plants native to your area are suggested.

4. Put in an Arch

Entryways are a portal to a new location. By making yours stand out, you’ll be impressing your guests from the start. Adding an arch to your landscape adds a sense of stateliness. Along with an arch, a climbing plant can be used to add grandeur to your yard. Whether you’d prefer greenery or floral plants, there are many climbers to choose from.

Arches don’t always need to lead through a gate. Feel free to place your arch at the beginning of a garden path or between two patches of flowers. Any time you feel like the space could be broken up, an arch is a good way to do it. There are many pre-made arches are available for purchase.

If you are interested in a more personalized take, there is an abundance of do-it-yourself tutorials for making wooden or steel archways. Sometimes an arch can be as easy as bending trellis pieces together. Be judicious in picking your material. There are many types available, and some require more maintenance than others. New materials can be used to mimic the look of more care intensive ones.

5. Build a Garden Walk

Nothing is better than enjoying the yard you’ve put so much effort into creating. A great way to spend time in a gorgeous garden is to put a path among the flowers. It is easy to accommodate any shape and style of garden with the variety of paving stones currently available. Most local hardware stores have pre-made ideas using the stones they carry.

When using paving stones it is important to consider what types of angles you will want in your path, and whether or not you want to have grass growing between the stones. Some rounded stepping stones give paths a whimsical look, but it can be hard to keep trimmed. Stones that fit tightly together, however, require extra work for winding paths.

Knowing your lawn is important to finding the right materials for you. Along with paving a path, you might consider putting edging stones alongside the garden. These help to maintain the line between the garden and walkway. Most types of paving stone have a complimentary edger to keep your walk looking great.


Building your ideal lawn is a journey. From picking the things you want to have, to creating the perfect layout to fit them all in, it’s an exercise in imagination. Now you have some starting points to expand on until they are just right for you.

Having this personalized space will be well worth the effort. Each time you head outside to grill with friends or relax with a good book, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful space you’ve created. You might even inspire the neighbors to start creating their own dream yards!