Benefits and Risks of CBD Oil for Dogs

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There is a growing popularity for CBD Oil in humans, and its increasing trend has led to individuals thinking about its essentiality in pets like dogs. Some of the benefits seen in dogs after taking the CBD oil products include reduced seizures and anxiety. Although this research is not complete, many products have been launched for these pets, including treats, tablets, chews, and liquid products. Vets have recommended some of these products. Let’s check its benefits and also the risks involved with these products:

Benefits of CBD Products for Dogs

With continuing research, some of these benefits have not yet been confirmed. However, sources and use have revealed the below benefits of CBD Oil to the dogs:

1. Reduces Seizures

In ancient studies, CBD was used to reduce seizures caused by electric shocks and drugs in animals such as mice. In clinical trials done, CBD oil has been seen to reduce seizures in dogs compared to other medications. These results were effective when their blood pressures were maximum, meaning studies are still being conducted to check what’s happening when this blood pressure is normal. Since it has worked on humans, especially those who do not get healed by anti-seizure drugs, we can hopefully say it can work on dogs. There are also studies to prove this. You can consult  for the required CBD oil dose for your dog to ensure they get the maximum benefit. Each dog, according to size and type, needs a different composition of this product.

2. Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Dogs with painful conditions such as back pain, cancer, and ailments such as arthritis are always given CBD oil to alleviate this pain and inflammation. How does it work? CBD oil works by limiting the production of inflammatory substances and increases the growth of anti-inflammatory ones. Studies also conducted on different types of dogs suffering from arthritis also proved that it worked to relieve the pain. Most dogs showed improved mobility after taking CBD Oil. Although there is no concrete outcome, studies done on mice and rats suggest that CBD oil decreases inflammatory pain. It also helps to relieve nerve pain, swelling, and bone pain caused by cancer. 

3. Controls Anxiety

What causes anxiety in dogs? There are three leading anxiety causes: fear, separation, confinement in moving places, and aging. Studies have not been conducted into dogs yet, but CBD oil consumption has brought up good progress against anxiety. Trials on human beings and other animals have proven reduced anxiety, which can work on dogs too. 

4. Boosts Heart Health

Although studies are in progress, aesthetic dogs have proven that CBD oil reduces high blood pressure, enabling them to have a healthy heartbeat rate. Studies also were done on animals, and human beings have shown changes in high blood pressure for stressed individuals. However, none has been confirmed in normal conditions. CBD oil lacks the fatty acids, which makes it an ideal ingredient for relieving stress and high blood pressure in dogs.  

5. Reduces Nausea

For individuals rearing dogs, CBD oil is highly recommended for those dogs that lack appetite caused by diseases and drugs. It is known for reducing nausea and also increases appetite. CBD oil is also known to reduce vomiting, and studies are underway to come up with concrete evidence on this.

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CBD Oil Side Effects and Risks

There is no official dose for the CBD Oil products in dogs. This situation means an increase or a decrease in dose might cause some side effects which are yet to be proven. Ensure you consult your vet or administer the right dosage to avoid the occurrence of these side effects. There are no adverse effects of CBD oil to the dogs other than increased drowsiness. Studies are also underway to check on the below claims, which have been highlighted by some vets and dog owners. However, to avoid these side effects, experts recommend using the right dosage for all the CBD oil products. The side effects which can appear are listed below:

  • Digestive problems, e.g., diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, and also lack of appetite
  • Thirstiness which causes dry mouth
  • Some notable changes in high blood pressure and increased heart rate
  • Increase in anxiety

After you have concluded with your vet to administer CBD oil to your dog, ensure you get the right products with the recommended composition since there is an influx of these products into the markets. Ensure this oil is meant precisely for the dogs, and no other harmful substance has been added. To get the best product, ensure it is produced or approved by animal welfare.