Best Instagram Hacks Being Used Right Now

insta2Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It boasts of having more than one billion active users every month. A huge bulk of Instagram users are located in the United States, with 110 million users, and this number keeps on growing. These remarkable statistics have prompted many entrepreneurs to grow their unique brands on Instagram. 

Commonly abbreviated as IG, this popular site is designed to showcase photos and videos. It has numerous features that you can use to drive content and increase brand visibility. If you desire to grow your followers on IG, you can use some Instagram hacks that are remarkably effective.

Here are the 4 best Instagram hacks being used right now:

1. Increase your followers with Growthoid

Growthoid is a fantastic online tool that helps Instagram users to grow their followers organically. It consists of an experienced team of growth managers whose work is to achieve your set targets. The beauty of using Growthoid to improve your IG clientele base is that everything is done manually by real people – no bots are used. Their service is transparent and delightfully reliable. Once you create a Growthoid account, you get to choose between two affordable monthly plans and watch as your Instagram account achieves success.

2. Use engaging Insta Stories

You can utilize Instagram stories to improve fan engagement and gain more followers. Insta stories can be used for a wide range of purposes. For instance, they can showcase fun activities that arouse the interest of your followers. You can also use IG stories to discuss various products you love using in your everyday life. These might include skincare products, shampoos, makeup and apparel. If you’re a social media influencer, you can advertise the brands you represent on Instagram Stories. The polling/voting feature helps to engage followers even more. The key to creating trendy IG stories lies in being fun, creative and interesting.

3. Enhance your IG engagement using hashtags

Despite being made popular on Twitter about 13 years ago, hashtags have become an essential Instagram tool. Hashtags can help propel your Instagram account to greater heights. They are vital elements that not only improve your engagement but also get your business noticed by other brands. Whenever you use hashtags, ensure they are relevant and appropriate to your post. Avoid overloading the caption with too many hashtags though – it’s best to come up with an efficient strategy before you set the ball rolling. 

4. Create interesting captions

Captions are very essential for Instagram growth. You can use captions to describe the photo/video you’ve posted, inspire your audience, tag users and express your deepest concerns. If you frequently get clueless when it comes to captioning, remember that it’s all about engagement. You can make followers feel more connected to your post by using words like “you” and evoking positive emotions with your words. Maintain humor and utilize emojis to make your captions more fun. The more authentic your captions sound, the better they will perform.

Make sure to try out these Instagram hacks if you desire to increase your IG follower.