Best Websites to find French Tutors Online

Learning French is an adventure you will find interesting, enlightening and worth every dollar you spent on it. You may have started learning using the aid of some French grammar books, apps and podcasts, but if you intend to achieve fluency, you need the help of tutors.

Not all tutors are suitable for you, this is why you may need a platform where you can choose the tutor, that will suit your needs and expectations. Thankfully, this article will provide information on the best websites where you can find French tutors online.

The Best Websites to find French Tutors

1. Preply

If you are looking for an excellent, yet affordable platform, Preply is your go-to. Preply website will provide you with access to native French speakers with the profiles and budget that meet your specific needs.

On Preply, you can find a tutor that speaks your first language and can easily bond with you. With as low as $5, you are on your way to your first lesson. Using this platform will give you the  boost you need to have decent conversations in French with your business partners, and international friends and increase your negotiation skills.

2. Verbling

This is a website to find the La creme of French tutors. It allows you to talk to the very best of the best, if you can afford it However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get an affordable tutor on verbling at all. The price ranges from $6-$80. So, you have an opportunity to pick your pocket and proficiency level.

3. LiveXP

Have you been stressed lately about finding the absolute perfect tutors to learn French? The LiveXP website will solve that challenge for you. With its easy and friendly interface, you will find your personalized online French tutor without sweating a brow.

The tutors are native speakers and they have their profiles indicating how many lessons they’ve taught altogether. You are well guided on the professionalism and credibility of your tutors.

4. Lingoda

This online language school is perfect for you if you are on a budget. You can learn on Lingoda as a member of a group and you can choose your private tutor.

The classes are taken on zoom and this means you need a computer and a great internet connection. Some of your learning materials and tests come free, although you do need to pay for your sections. The amount you pay is dependent on your proficiency level.

5. French a la carte

French a La Carte has 13 experienced native teachers who teach french in Paris with Passion according to their online review. While this is good news for residents of Paris, it is even better news for non-residents.

Classes are now streamed through video calls on skype and zoom and can be conducted in your chosen location. With €47/hr, you can have your first class and if you are satisfied, you can financially commit to a 10 lessons package.

6. FluentU

On FluentU, you don’t just learn how to speak French, you are immersed into the culture. And in an exciting, fun way. Unlike most tutoring websites, FluentU achieves its goals by providing learners with video resources to watch from. 

You can pick the ones that are interesting to you. You can pick from movies to business classes or market registration or just music videos. Using this method will help you learn the use of French in real-life scenarios.  It is also easy to remember the language this way.

7. Rype

Consisting of handpicked and pre-vetted premium teachers, affordable prices and the ability to fit your busy schedules, Rype is the choice of most people that wants a flexible learning process.

The tutors will work with your plan, taking your proficiency level and aim into consideration. 

Your Rype membership depends on how many hours you will be taking the course per month and how many months you are paying ahead. You have the option to pay  per month or pay ahead.

8. Chegg Tutors

To learn French in Chegg Tutors, you have to pay a subscription fee of $30/ month ahead. After this, you will have to fill out a form that provides detailed information on your goals.

With this form, you will be matched with a tutor that fits your specifications. And your lessons will get started. One thing you are sure to get on Chegg Tutor is the value of your subscription fee.

9. Verbal Planet

The verbal planet host over 2000 native tutors including French. If you need to take a lesson on the verbal planet, you will have to sign up on the website and look for a specialized tutor.

You can do this by checking through the French tutors’ profiles, and finding the one that has the experience, through the reviews, fit your budget and is available. Most tutors have their first class free or at a subsidized rate. The classes are conducted through Skype and you will have a periodical assessment that will help you to be better in the next class.

10. French Faster

French Faster aims to help you learn French 3x faster than you would have ordinarily learnt. They offer this through participative learning, memorization and constructivism. All their teachers are trained to follow this approach. Your classes are learnt on skype and your tutors are selected for you based on your proficiency level and your goals.

11. LiveLingua

LiveLingua allows you to test the waters before keeping your two feet. This means you have a free 60 min free trial with your tutor before you commit yourself financially. Isn’t that great?

At LiveLingua, the french tutors are handpicked to be among the best in the world. Each of them bagging a degree makes it easy for you to expect the very best from them.

On LiveLingua, it feels like you know your tutor even though you are meeting him for the first time. This is attributed to how detailed their profile can be on the website. If you need a tutor that will understand and fit into your style, then LiveLingua is the platform you are looking for.

12. Amazing Talker

Amazing Talker is a young tutoring website and despite that, it is making marks in the tutoring industry. Established in 2016, it has over 250 online tutors hosted on the website, and unlike others, it has gone a step higher to spice things up for its users.

If you want to be spared the stress of looking for a tutor yourself, Amazing talker will be perfect for you. Amazing Talker algorithm helps you find your ideal tutor after asking you some questions.

Some of the questions you will be expected to answer include the purpose for learning French, your proficiency level and how available you are.

Once you’re matched with the tutors, you will get a personal message from the tutors about what to expect from them. These include the lecture plan, curriculum, style of teaching and the course materials that will be used.

Reasons Why You Should Study The French Language

Are you still wondering why you should study or learn the french language as a second language? Well, here are three reasons why you should.

1. It’s an international Language

The French language is the second most learnt language in the world after the English language and the fifth most widely spoken. It guarantees your opportunity to speak well with most people- over 300 million people have the French language as their first or second language in the world.

2. Helps your international job prospects

If you intend to work in any other country, especially a French country in the future, then you should invest in  learning French now.

France is a key player in world economics and this means you have to be ready to speak and understand the language fluently if you must be part of their economy. If you can speak both French and English language fluently, you have a better advantage over those that can’t.

3. The French language is fun to learn

It is easy and fun to learn for both children and adults and can be retained easily. It also helps you make great friends and can be used to sing poems and lyrical words. Granted that it has some tongue-twisting nature, however, the more you learn it, the more you fall in love with it.

4. Makes Traveling Easier

Have you ever imagined yourself in a foreign country where everyone seems to know their way around except you? That would be frustrating right? Your knowledge of the French language ensures you do not get stranded in a foreign land.

You will find one or two people that can communicate either in English or French and that would ease the journey for you. So, if you intend to travel a lot, it would be wise to first find a suitable website to learn French. You are going to need it.


Learning a foreign language has its advantages. If the foreign language is French, it has even more advantages. It takes you from a local to an international person in an instant. You get to make more friends, see life from other people’s perspectives and cultures, get better job opportunities and have fun while at it.

There are a lot of resources to learn with. But, having a personal tutor to take you by the hands and show you the ropes is your fastest way to reach fluency. Carefully go through the websites outlined above and choose your French tutor.