5 Green Jobs You Might Want if You Are Environmentally Conscious

For years, scientists have predicted that the Earth would eventually become uninhabitable if humans continued to pollute it. That outcome is probably a long way off, but there’s no denying climate change anymore. Catastrophic weather events seemingly happen every year now, and humans need to do all we can to pollute less and conserve our resources more.

Some individuals look for work with those facts in mind. If you feel like you want to find a green job that can help the planet while still allowing you to support yourself, you have come to the right place. We’ve come up with a few career choices that will enable you to do that very thing, and we will break them down right now.

Sustainable Landscaper

Coming up with sustainable landscaping ideas appeals to some homeowners, but they may not have the technical know-how to do it on their own. You might start a sustainable landscaping company.

If you do this, you’ll own your own business, which is always nice. You can set your hours and only take on the jobs you want. You can decide how much to charge for your services, and you can select the part of the country in which you would like to operate.

If you open your own sustainable landscaping company, you’ll have to deal with the usual headaches that come with opening a business, though. You’ll need to decide on a name, get funding, work on your marketing, hire employees, etc. Make sure you get the proper insurance varieties as well for liability reasons.

Food or Agriculture Scientist

Becoming a scientist is only an option if you’ve got some serious brainpower. If you want to save the planet, though, it’s tough to come up with any job that will have more of an impact. Food and agriculture scientists can potentially leave a huge legacy behind them.

Food and agriculture scientists work to come up with new food sources and ways to manufacture them. You’re working on making the industry safer and more efficient, and you might come up with innovative food ideas that can make a real difference in the world.

Think about the advent of products like the Impossible Burgers that Burger King features. Look in your grocery store’s freezer section at the meatless crumbles for tacos and the plant-based chicken nuggets. You can work to make those better and come up with new ideas that are better for humans and won’t use the resources that traditional food production methods do.


What is a hydrologist, you ask? The answer is in the name, hydro, meaning water. A hydrologist is a scientist who studies water. More specifically, a hydrologist examines how water moves across the Earth’s crust.

If you see any Mad Max movie or others dealing with the near future, you’ll probably see a dystopian landscape where water is a precious resource, more valued than gold. You would hope that things will never get to that point, but searching for and finding potable water sources will probably become a lot more crucial of a field as we progress further into the 21st century. Already, some parts of the planet struggle to find potable water.

As a hydrologist, you can help to work on this ongoing problem. You might make a real difference in the lives of individuals living in 3rd world countries.

You can solve problems having to do with water availability and quality. This field also pays pretty well. You can look to make upwards of $70k per year in most instances.

Atmospheric Scientist, Meteorologist, or Geoscientist

You might decide to become an atmospheric scientist or meteorologist. These scientists study our climate and the weather in general. They work to predict how and when potentially dangerous weather events can strike.

We now have weather predicting technology unrivaled by anything we once had. It’s still imperfect, but we can predict weather events with increasing accuracy.

You can be on the front line, figuring out when hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and other events will occur. You can report on that and warn the locals about it.

You’ll find a starting salary for these jobs close to $90K per year, which can support you pretty well in most parts of the country. You might also look into becoming a geoscientist. These scientists learn about the Earth’s processes, structure, and composition. They do so to learn about the Earth’s past, but also its present and future.

As a geoscientist, you can travel often. You can spend time in indoor and outdoor settings observing and testing minerals, soil, and rock samples. With any of the three jobs we just mentioned, you’ll need a BA, at a minimum.

Environmental Engineer

You might also become an environmental engineer. Engineers make very good money, which might attract you to this field. However, this is another position where you can make a real difference in human lives around the world.

As an environmental engineer, you will use soil science, engineering principles, chemistry, and biology to develop environmental solutions. You might focus on improving and expanding existing recycling programs. You could work on waste disposal, which will become a more significant issue as time passes.

You might work on public health problems, like stopping the transmission of environmentally-based diseases. You can work to control air and water pollution.

The starting salary for an environmental engineer is over $80K per year, and it’s a growth industry. By 2024, this industry should grow by as much as 12%.

There are many other green jobs that can help the planet in various ways. When you look at your options, you’ll want to think about how much money you can make to support your lifestyle. You should think about whether you have a particular aptitude for anything we mentioned.

If you become a scientist, you should have a strong math and science background. If you get into something like landscaping, that’s a more hands-on, blue-collar job.