How To Drink Bourbon With Class

bourbonBourbon lovers know the beauty of drinking the corn-made distilled spirit. If you have heard of the American whiskey’s unique taste and wish to try it out, you need to learn some things first. Nothing shouts out that you have no class as to lacking knowledge of the drink at hand. Here are helpful tips to help you enjoy the barrel-aged drink with class.

1)            Choice Of Glass

There is no rule cast on a stone on the kind of glass to use to down your bourbon, but some etiquette would not hurt. A liquor-suitable glass is ideal to use but consider the shape and the width of its mouth. Wide-mouthed glasses will enable you to smell the aroma of vanilla, caramel, old wood, or nuts from the bourbon.

Such a glass also allows you to add ice cubes to the glass if you like your drink chilled. One of the tips for drinking bourbon is to smell it before tasting it, and the glass with a wider mouth allows you to savor the aroma. Smelling it should be classy by sticking the nose over the glass’ edge and parting the lips still on its edge to allow you to smell and sip.

2)            Know The Colors

As a beginner, you need to know that bourbon comes in a variety of colors. Brown, amber, and white are all good, but the best to start with as a first-timer is the brown-colored one. With time, you can then taste the others and choose the one you love the most.

3)            Learn The Types And Flavors

Barley, corn, and rye are the major ingredients of most bourbons. Bourbon can belong to the Wheated, High Rye, or High Corn category. The Wheated ones have wheat in place of rye and combine wheat, barley, and corn.

They have a softer taste and stronger flavor of either vanilla or caramel. High Rye contains more than 10% rye. Compared to other bourbons, they have a bold aroma and are spicier. High Corn has 51% corn. Compared to traditional bourbons, they are sweeter.

4)            Mix It Up

If you are drinking from a bar, you can enquire from the bartender about the available bourbon recipes. If taking it from home, you can mix it up with other drinks to make a variety of cocktails. The most common ones include Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Mint Julep. You can also try your recipes.

5)            Know What The Bottle Contains

When taking a bourbon for the first time, you need to check the labels to know what it contains. For the best whiskey, look for the words “straight bourbon.” The straight one has no adulteration in it, and therefore you get to enjoy the best.

6)            Drink Straight Up Or Dilute

You can try bourbon as if it is your first time and decide whether you like it straight up or diluted. If you like it straight, then you can have it without adding ice or water. Contrary to popular belief, you will find out whiskey tastes better with water added to it as it enhances the flavor. You can have it on the rocks by adding one or two ice cubes to avoid over-diluting it. The size of your drink will help you measure the number of ice cubes to put in it.