Bush Aide Takes Aim at Kerry

President Bush’s campaign chairperson, former Montana Governor Marc Racicot, said Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry is an environmental extremist whose policies would kill thousands of jobs.

At a recent Michigan campaign rally, Racicot said that Kerry"s proposal to roll back the Bush tax cuts and raise automobile fuel economy standards would undermine the economic recovery initiated by the Bush administration.

“He will proceed in such a way as to bring the economic recovery to a screeching halt,” Racicot told campaign workers.

Racicot reported that a Kerry proposal to raise fuel efficiency standards on cars and light trucks enough to produce a fleet average of 36 miles per gallon by 2015 would cost 450,000 jobs nationwide.

But contrary to Racicot"s thinking, studies have shown that raising fuel economy standards would actually lead to the creation of more jobs overall. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, for example, moving to a 40-mpg average fuel economy standard would provide consumers a net savings of more than $29 billion by 2015 because savings at the pump far outweigh any added vehicle costs. The money saved would be spent throughout the economy, generating a net gain of 180,000 jobs spread across various related industries.

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