Carbon Nation

A documentary about all the reasons why going green is good for the economy, national security and our health–whether you believe in climate change or not.

carbon nationCritically acclaimed documentary Carbon Nation, available on DVD and On Demand beginning Aug. 1, is a climate solutions movie that doesn’t care if you believe in climate change or not. Rather than focusing on problems, guilt or blame, the documentary offers an optimistic, solutions-based, non-partisan view on how tackling climate change boosts the economy, increases national security, supplies a reliable source of energy and promotes health and clean air, water and soil. Appearances by Richard Branson (CEO, Virgin Group), Thomas L. Friedman (The New York Times), Denis Hayes (Founder of Earth Day) and Lester Brown (Earth Policy Institute) give viewers insights from today’s top minds at the forefront of gathering solutions, inspiration and taking action towards climate change. As Times writer Freedman says in the movie: “It’s the most patriotic thing you can be, do, think or feel today. Green is the new red, white and blue.”

Award-winning director Peter Byck was worried public opinion was sliding the wrong way when he read that a declining number of people were concerned about climate change. Creating Carbon Nation became his way to inform a majority of people about why it’s “incredibly smart” to be a part of the new, low-carbon economy. He said: “In 15 months of presenting the film to very diverse audiences, I have come to the realization that we are not a polarized country, as many on TV will tell us, and many in Washington play out. Rather, there is great consensus among a large and varied group of Americans: Renewable energy sources and using less energy are great ideas — whether to boost the economy, increase national and energy security or promote health and a clean environment.”