Climate Change: What You Can Do

climate changeScientists agree that man-made climate change is already costing us dearly when it comes to its effects on our communities and our health.

Unless we take immediate action to curb our emissions on a global basis, the effects of climate change will continue to intensify. We can’t wait afford to sit back and wait any longer. Now is our chance to save the planet and its inhabitants from the self-inflicted existential threat of global warming.

Luckily we now know what we need to do to mitigate the effects of runaway climate change. And while collective action at the national and international levels is necessary to tame the beast, it all starts with what you the individual can do…

Check Your Carbon Footprint

Figuring out which aspects of your life are causing the most carbon emissions and then making changes accordingly is an important first step to fighting climate change. Use one the sites listed below to get started…

climate change. credit; martin fisch, flickrcc

YOU Have The Power To Fight Global Warming

Now that you know where you can shave those carbon emissions off your lifestyle, time to start actually doing it.

Ditch the old gas guzzler for a new electric ride, or even better, get a bike. Or even more better, patronize public transit — especially given how good bus and train systems are getting these days.

If you’re still thinking about flying back east to visit Grandma next Thanksgiving, think again. Those air miles really do a number on your carbon footprint, so better to just avoid them altogether. Can you say “staycation”?

And if it’s cold where you are, grab a sweater. And if it’s hot where you are, open a window or turn on a fan — but avoid energy-hogging air conditioning if you possibly can.

Climate Change, Climate Change, Climate Change: Sing It From The Rooftops

Become a wealth of information on climate change. Share your knowledge on the topic with anyone around you who just might trust what you say. Let them know why you’re worried and what’s at stake so they’ll know you’re not just whistling dixie…

Even better, enroll in one of Al Gore’s global warming activist training sessions and become a Climate Reality Leader…

Contact Your Elected Representatives (So They Know Where Their Constituents Stand on Climate Change)

Now is the time to let your Congresspersons and Senators know that you care about mitigating the effects of global warming and working to change our collective ways when it comes to profligate fossil fuel use. And get those neighbors, friends and relatives to call in, too!

The non-profit Common Cause makes it easy to look-up who is representing you in Congress (and the Senate), along with contact info so you can get in touch directly. So go ahead and make that call! You’ve got nothing to lose and  literally everything to gain.