Climate Mobile

An app that turns regular citizens into citizen-scientists, arming them with the latest climate data and allowing them to track global warming trends for themselves.
Evidence of climate change is an app away with the Climate Mobile app from GeoOptics. The app provides users with all the climate data available for the past 130 years or more from NASA and NOAA. Those skeptical or curious about warming trends can check the satellite data themselves, and look for changes in Arctic ice cover, track rising carbon dioxide levels, and even check their local weather.

GeoOptics Founder and President Tom Yunck said: “It is imperative that citizens be able to test the claims made about climate in order to stop misleading, politically driven policy.”

Climate Mobile offers what it calls a Personal Climate Analyzer as well, so non-climate scientists can easily track satellite and surface temperature data straight from the source to do their own climate studies.

Price: Free