Commute Greener!

Volvo’s Commute Greener! App lets you track your CO2 emissions depending on your chosen mode of travel.
Commute Greener! by Volvo is an app designed particularly for urban dwellers who want to easily find the most energy-efficient ways to get where they are going. You start by setting your target for reducing your personal CO2 footprint (or carbon dioxide emissions) anywhere from 1% to 100%. Once your goal is set, the “start and stop” feature tracks the distance, time and CO2 emission of each daily commute. An overview dashboard lets you track and compare your recent commutes, making it easy to design a commuting strategy to achieve your targeted results.

After each week of tracking your commutes, you’ll get an overview of how much CO2 you have saved and how close you are to achieving your goal and reducing your personal carbon footprint.

Price: $1.99