The Best Jobs For Compassionate And Caring People

If you’re the sort of person with a strong vein of empathy running through them, and a keenness to see those in pain relieved of their maladies, then you may well be suited to a career in compassionate care. It’s in such job roles that you’ll be able to channel your fellow-feeling for your fellow man to help people at different stages of their lives. You’ll place empathy at the forefront of your working life, and you’ll use it as an asset in the jobs listed below – all of which you should consider training for in 2020.


Perhaps the most-suited jobs for those who have a strong streak of compassion in their hearts is in the field of nursing. In these roles, you’ll play one-part doctor, one-part care professional, thus combining a keen interest in science and medicine with an equally strong desire to help relieve the suffering of others. Nurses can use their empathetic traits in order to:

  • Comfort those who are distressed about a family member in hospital
  • Support staff and colleagues who are having a difficult time
  • Provide expert care on a bespoke basis to people from across the social spectrum
  • Bring a smile to the faces of those in hospital for days on end
  • Provide excellent end-of-life care to those who are terminally ill under their supervision

All of these aspects, and more, make nursing an excellent option for those who have a strong compulsion to be compassionate in their everyday lives. To qualify to become a nurse this year, you are able to sign up for accelerated nursing programs online, which can give you your nursing qualification within the year – enabling you to get stuck into the work in no time at all.


Meanwhile, a caregiver, or carer, performs a slightly different role in society – though they’re often confused with nurses. Carers do not require a specific qualification to help those around them – and they are often unpaid, caring instead for relatives or those in their community. Caring can take a number of different forms, including:

  • Overseeing and supervising children
  • Caring for the terminally ill, or those with long-term health conditions
  • Providing care for the elderly in old people’s homes
  • Going from house to house to care for those in need in your community
  • Helping the disabled and those with learning difficulties make progress in their lives

It should go without saying that each of these roles are fantastically rewarding in their own way, leaving you feeling that you’re truly making a difference to the lives of those you work around. This is a great career for those who want to see their community flourish.


Whether you’re most interested in teaching primary school children or those who are a little older, being a teacher has never been purely about information transmission. Your job is not simply to show children information about the world, in mathematics and science and language, but to care for the children you welcome into your class. You will do this by:

  • Taking a special interest in struggling pupils
  • Keeping an eye out for signs of abuse or dereliction of parental duties
  • Helping those students who have behavioral problems
  • Working with parents and other teachers to inspire and develop skills
  • Being conscious of the difficulties in the lives of those that you teach

When added together, you’ll see that teaching is as much about providing compassionate care to young people as it is about scrawling algebra on the whiteboard. As such, this is a career for those who are interested in supporting a new generation of children with good mental health as well as good grades.

Vet and Pet Care

The world of your compassion and care may spread to cover not only humans, but animals too. Indeed, when push comes to shove, there are thousands of people out there who might admit that they care for animals a little more than they care for their fellow humans – and as such, they choose to work with animals as their life’s project. This is, of course, entirely understandable: animals are innocent and endearing, and are often in need of our help in the following ways:

  • In vet’s surgeries, where pets are taken with illnesses and injuries
  • In centers for injured wild animals, which are nurtured back to health and released
  • In conservation centers and zoos, where exotic animals are kept in safe environments
  • Throughout the world, where you have the option to volunteer or work with a range of different species
  • In farms, where it’s important your livestock are well-treated

Whether you’re interested in healing animals, in feeding them, or in rehabilitating them before their release back into the wild, a career caring for the nature around you is an excellent way to build up that compassion you’re proudest of, and to use it as a key asset to help the natural world that you love and care for deeply.

Park Keeper

Finally, there are hundreds of jobs in the natural world that do not directly involve animals. These are those that care for the natural world in its entirety – including the trees and the plains and the rivers. Those individuals who work in natural conservation, in tree surgery, in national parks or in city parks are all responsible for the welfare of the natural environment, and the welfare of the humans who enjoy that environment.

With multiple studies showing the importance of a walk in nature for mental health, and the importance of having somewhere clean and natural to jog or cycle in order to boost your fitness, being a park keeper or guardian of the natural world is one of those jobs that helps the whole environment, including humans, in the modern era. It’s a compassion for the earth and its people that’ll be fulfilled in a job working in parks, and this career will especially suit those who love to be outside all year round.

These five job options, selected for the high levels of compassion and care that they require, should give you some ideas as to where to take your career, should you be in a rut, trying to decide upon your next move for 2020 and beyond.