Complementary Tarot Readings

You might have wondered whether different tarot readings can complement each other or not. Can you build your understanding from one reading and do another on top? Can you use different types of reading to connect different areas of your life to like relationships, work, sustainability? Can it include different spheres of your environment?

Some readers, programs or apps won’t allow you to ask the exact same question more than once, while others allow it after waiting for a particular amount of time to pass. But none will stop you from asking connected questions.

But is there such a thing as complementary tarot readings? Or should every reading simply start fresh?

Expanding on answers you’ve already gotten

It’s perfectly fine to get more complex readings in order to expand on guidance or answers you’ve gotten through shorter readings.

One such example is getting a yes/no tarot reading to answer a question, and then getting a complementary reading that expands on the circumstances, details or guidance related to that yes or no answer.

But that’s not the only instance where it’s perfectly fine to get a complementary reading. Sometimes, during a reading you start to come up with different tangent questions, depending on what comes up. And it’s perfectly fine to explore those questions through further readings.

Repeating the question

It’s not necessarily a good idea to ask the same question more than once in a short time span, because spirit tends to take that as offensive and disregard the repeated question or simply give you the same exact answer, with no extra information or clarification.

But if you change some things about that question, or you ask it again after something you were told in your previous reading has happened, or if you ask about a particular aspect of that answer, that’s perfectly fine.

What matters here is not necessarily the minute details of the reading but rather the intention behind it. Are you asking that question because you didn’t like the answer to the previous one and you’re trying to find an angle that does give you the answer you were hoping for? Or are you genuinely exploring further the details, information or tangents resulting from the previous reading?

As long as you come at it from the angle of exploring and getting further or clearer guidance or support, you’ll see that spirit comes through for you.

Unexpected connections

Sometimes, you’ll find that readings you get are in fact complementary though you never intended for that to happen or you weren’t looking to expand on anything from a previous reading.

Spirit might circle back to a topic and give you more details or information even without you asking for it directly.

When that happens, be sure to keep in mind the information that comes through, because there’s always a serious reason behind it. Try to explore that topic or tangent and be open to the guidance that comes through.

In short

Whether you’re looking to get complementary readings or it just happens without you even thinking about it, that added or clarified information is always important and should be kept in mind (written down or recorded, would be best). Click here for readings that can look at different aspects of your life.