Connecting Clean Tech Ideas to Dollars

There is a company that calls itself the “LinkedIn of clean tech.” It’s OnGreen, and it’s already raised $1.4 million to make itself a major online presence in China and India. Those two countries are expected to be the largest global markets for renewable energy technology in five years—with the clean tech market growing by 147.5% in China and 72% in India in that time.

Sheeraz Haji, president of Cleantech Group says, “With unprecedented government stimulus spending, low cost manufacturing, and supply chain competitiveness all driving clean tech growth in China and India, the opportunities are vast.”

OnGreen, which has drawn funding from Blue Marble Ventures in Los Angeles and China Southern Hong Kong Investement LTD in Shanghai, works by connecting clean tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists whose financial support they need. “In an age where clean tech connects great ideas but very few dollars,” reports the site, “OnGreen strives to introduce those with the ideas to the firms who have the money.” So far, the service has been used by 300 entrepreneurs in more than 35 countries, and the company reports that half of those with clean tech big ideas have been contacted by angel investors to get those ideas launched.

One idea seeking $2,500,000 in support is called X-Cap, or Extreme Capacitator, from Olympia, Washington—a “new generation of energy storage that can store 20X over supercapacitators, 2X over lithium-type batteries (by weight), [takes] minutes to charge [and has] over 1 million cycles in life.” The business owners foresee their super-storing batteries as the next generation of electric vehicle batteries, with additional applications in military and power plant operations.