Countries That Lead the Way For The Electric Car Revolution

Electric vehicles are now getting bigger all over the world. Their commercial market share is expanding and now include transit buses, trucks, and even tractors. Electric cars are the future of transportation, and with the number of benefits it provides, no wonder many countries are supporting and championing the Electric Car Revolution. Here are the top countries that are taking the initiative to a better way of living.


China has been on the front lines in leading the way for car evolution. Ever since 2017, they have a high growth rate in Electric Vehicle sales. The Chinese Government played an essential role in supporting the Electric Car Revolution, making China ahead of everyone else. Since China has been overly polluted, the switch to electric vehicles will help them get cleaner air. Cleaner air means lower stress on the public health system, medical help, and reduces diseases. Moreover, China has large greenhouse gas emissions, and by paving their way to the Electric Car Revolution, they are slowing down the onset of global warming, which is a good course of action.

United Kingdom

As of January 2020, the United Kingdom has moved five places up from the countries that are electric cars ready. They build and develop more charging infrastructure, leading to having at least 10,616 electric charging stations. Royal Dutch Shell, a fuel and energy company, began adding electric car charging stations to existing petrol stations in parts of London in 2017. This shows that the United Kingdom is planning for the future of transportation. Furthermore, the United Kingdom (UK) saw 99,437 new battery electric vehicles (BEVs) sold in 2019 alone. Companies in the UK are planning to spend at least £12 billion to make the switch from the traditional fossil-fueled car to electric cars for the next couple of years.



Norway has shown tremendous interest and usage of electric cars. Norway aims to stop the production and sale of fossil-fueled vehicles by 2025. In line with this, the total sales of cars in 2019 is 60% electric-powered. The government and the country value their environment and consciously make an effort to switch to renewable energy. Electric vehicles don’t need any gas, fuel, or oil. As such, the Norwegian government gives financial incentives to everyone who uses EVS as it is contributing to lowering their carbon emissions and helping to save the environment. 


Another country that has been leading the way for using and promoting electric cars is Netherland. Through their move of easing the EV registration and providing accessible charging stations, there is enormous patronage of electric vehicles. Besides the low maintenance requirements, the Dutch Government grants up to €4,000 if you made a switch from fueled cars to electric. 

The government needs to help and push everyone in making the Electric Car Revolution possible. They need to have a solid plan and make an effort to make it happen. The worry of high cost, car issues, and limitation of the range should be eliminated. With the number of benefits electric cars give, it should be enough for everyone to make the switch.