Creative Ways Small Businesses Can Promote Earth Day

Earth Day is a special holiday held in April every year, and is a wonderful time to celebrate the environment we live in and focus on how we can invest in the future of our planet. If you have your own small business, and are looking for some creative ways that inspire your audience and help to promote Earth Day, we are here to help. 

Read on to learn what some of the business leaders have to say about creative ways that small businesses can promote Earth Day year round, and how your business can truly make an impact on our planet.

Donate to an Environmental Charity that Aligns with your Brand

Sean Doherty, General Manager Box Genie

One of the best ways that you can help to promote Earth Day is to donate to an environmental charity that aligns with your brand. Use your social media channels to let your customer base know that for all of Earth Month, or for the upcoming summer, your small business will be donating to a cause that will give back to our planet. Not only will this help to boost your company’s sales as customers will know that their purchases are going towards a meaningful cause, but most importantly it will let your audience know about Earth Day, and what it is all about. This will help to inspire your customers to shop from eco-friendly brands, and to find ways that they can get involved with Earth Day activities themselves. Donating to an environmental charity will also help to make your business stand out as a leader in this category, and will ultimately help to raise more awareness about the cause you are donating to.

Go Green with Your Company’s Packaging

Lina Miranda, VP of Marketing AdQuick

If you have a small business that involves shipping clothing or physical products to customers, consider going green with your company’s packaging to help promote Earth Day this year. Start by doing a thorough review of your company’s current packaging, and see what items you can replace with more eco-friendly options. For example, try to swap out bubble wrap or cellophane with colorful tissue paper, or even go extra bold with your mission by using your packaging to promote Earth Day directly. You can get custom-made packaging with Earth and recycling symbols, or even with fun statements about protecting our planet. This will inspire your customers to recycle and to try to help the planet in their own daily life as well.

Encouraging Your Employees to Work From Home on Earth Day

Tony Chan, CEO and Co-Founder CloudForecast

Anytime you want to inspire those around you in business, you need to start with your own employees and colleagues you work with. Since driving is one of the most polluting activities that people do on a daily basis, encourage your employees to reduce their commutes by working from home this year for Earth Day. This will allow them to save valuable energy and time waiting at traffic lights, and instead find ways to use that time to be productive at home. Your employees will love being able to have this extra time in their day to do something that truly makes them happy, without having to use our Earth’s precious energy. For the other work days during Earth Month, you can provide fun Earth Day inspired incentives and rewards for employees if they are able to carpool, walk to work, bike, or take public transit. Think of items like plants and flowers, public transit monthly passes, or gift cards to support other sustainable small businesses. Your employees will definitely love this new challenge and will be inspired to cut their commutes during the rest of the year too. 

Host a Community Recycling Drive

Cole Steverson, COO Hybrid2Go

This year for Earth Day, have your small business host a community recycling drive for the public to come and drop off their items, and learn more about how they can help the planet. A recycling drive is a creative way to get the community involved in your mission. You can encourage people to bring old electronics, paper, plastic bottles, glass, and cardboard. You can even give away sustainable water bottles with your company’s logo, coupons for your merchandise, eco-friendly pens and paper, or other items that will help to encourage recycling. This will help to show people in the community that recycling is easy and can be fun too.

Plan an Earth Day Educational Webinar and Giveaway on Social Media

Jae Pak, Founder Jae Pak MD Medical

If you want to get creative this year for Earth Day, partner with a celebrity or social media influencer who is passionate about saving the planet and host your own educational Earth Day webinar and giveaway across your business’s social media channels. At the end of your webinar, you can even organize an Earth Day giveaway, where you can put together a basket full of sustainable items and services that are a great fit for your business.

Plan a Volunteering Event

Lindsay McCormick, Founder and CEO Bite

A great way to promote Earth Day this year is to plan a volunteering event for all of your employees to participate in. To make it a true Earth Day inspired event, get creative with your ideas such as hosting a beach or park clean-up day, or partnering with a local nature preserve, aquarium, or zoo who is looking for volunteers. You can even collaborate with other small businesses or sustainable brands, and invite your employee’s families to participate as well, to make your event extra impactful. Make sure that you provide all of the volunteers with product samples, water, and snacks, to make their day all about bettering themselves and the environment. 

Make a Returns Recycling System and Use Sustainable Fabrics to Make Your Products

Lisa Fifer, Founder Red & Ginger

Having witnessed firsthand the waste within the fashion industry, I wanted to ensure that everything I created was as zero-waste as possible. Our products were initially upcycled from human clothing and vintage bedsheets and curtains, something that we still do today within our bespoke range. A lot has been achieved over the past few years with more brands becoming aware of their duty to reduce their carbon footprint and implement sustainable strategies. [For Earth Day,] we’ll be celebrating with a whole week of content focused on what we do best. We’re a strictly plastic-free company; the hardware on all of our accessories is metal, as are our zips and poppers on clothing. We also use new and innovative fabrics such as Pinatex (vegan leather created from discarded pineapple leaves during the harvesting process), cork and soon we will be trailing cactus. We are implementing a returns recycling service on our products this year so that once they’ve come to the end of their natural lifespan we will take them back, break them down and recycle them responsibly for the customer. Encourage your office to take small steps to being more responsible for energy consumption.

Host an Earth Day Festival for the Community with Interactive Activities

Trammell Crow, Founder EarthX

Earth Day festivals are the places where the connections are made between researchers, educators and businesses, and the general public that are supposed to benefit from the inventions and products. Most of us don’t realize how many institutions and corporations are busy at work protecting the world around us. They’ll see it all at Earth Day Dallas. This year there will be twice the exhibitor space indoors and many national companies and organizations have come onboard this year for the event as well. Our theme is focused on endeavors in environmental sustainability. Whether it’s scientific research, educational opportunities, causes or retail products, the theme is about improving environmental sustainability. We want to remain focused solely on the environment. Visitors can expect to see solutions they can implement at home, businesses they might choose to patronize, and a complete menu of environmental programs that affect their daily lives. We want people to come away from Earth Day Dallas thinking not only that they can change the way they do things for the betterment of the environment, but that they must, and that those changes, simple as they may be, will make a difference.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about all of these creative ways that your small business can promote Earth Day this year. Remember that every step you take towards making your company green will help to inspire others and will help to make our world a better place. Happy Earth Day!