Do Portion-Controlled Meals Work For Sustained Weight Loss?

Weight loss is one of the most common new year’s resolutions for most people around the world. This comes as no surprise though because losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy BMI offers tons of benefits. Losing weight improves mental health and is a great confidence and mood booster. On the other hand, excess weight is linked to numerous health complications such as type 2 diabetes, heart and cardiovascular conditions, and sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Depression, reproductive health complications, and some types of cancer are also linked to obesity. 

Aside from the health implications, excessive weight and obesity also have negative impacts on people’s social, emotional, and economic lives. They include discrimination, lower wages, fewer opportunities for work and self-development, lower quality of life, and high cost of medication and healthcare for obesity-related conditions. Obesity can also limit career opportunities ruling out military and other disciplined forces careers that are physically demanding. Those in employment may have a hard time keeping jobs due to poor mental and physical health.

Given how important maintaining a healthy weight is, there are countless methods used to lose weight. Some of the most common ones include incorporating physical activity and exercise into daily life, dieting and portion control, fasting, increasing metabolism through diet and metabolism-boosting pills, and the use of diet and thermogenic pills. While all these work in different ways, the most commonly agreed-on method of losing weight is burning more calories than you consume. Counting calories is an efficient way of tracking weight loss and is the science behind most diet plans. The challenge with most methods however is not in the loss of weight but in keeping it off. In most cases, the weight is usually regained back in a few months and it becomes a vicious cycle. Portion control is one strategy that has continued to gain popularity. Here are a few reasons why the method works for sustained weight loss.

It is natural and healthy.

Portion control does not involve any kind of medication or chemical intake. It employs the body’s natural mechanisms to lose weight. It is also a healthy choice as the body loses weight at its own steady pace. Sudden weight loss may overwhelm the body resulting in health complications such as nutritional deficiencies, gallstones, muscle loss and lowered metabolism. Portion control also encourages healthy food choices and relationships and will help ensure the body gets all the required nutrients in moderation. It’s a good way to handle food disorders too as those who follow the regime are able to choose what to eat and when.

It is affordable

Portion control basically entails choosing a healthy amount of food to eat. It does not require any special food items, only some level of restraint regarding the amount of food you have been eating. For this reason, it is sustainable because it is economical by utilizing already available items and less consumption.


Portion control does not have specific dos and don’ts and regulations over what to eat at what time. For this reason, they are sustainable as they can easily be incorporated into daily routines without any hassle. They don’t limit the foods consumed, which can be time-consuming to prepare and more costly than regular options. Restrictive diets can result in negative outcomes such as binge eating and possibly eating disorders. They also require lots of willpower and high levels of stress and discouragement when one is unable to adhere.

It’s easy to understand and stick to

Portion control is very simple. Numerous methods can be used, the easiest of which is using portion control dishware. Other methods such as measuring out ingredients can easily be done by using regular kitchen equipment such as measuring cups and scales. 

Wide variety of food to choose from

Portion control is sustainable to most people as there are endless food choices. Food can be prepared to individual taste, and with so many options, there is no risk of boredom and monotony with regard to what to eat. There are so many available resources that offer portion control and even offer ready meal delivery diets. There’s something for everyone, whether diabetic, vegan, vegetarian or any other, based on preference.

It can easily become a lifestyle.

Portion-controlled diets are easy to get used to and can easily be adapted as a lifestyle instead of fad diets. Sticking to it means that keeping the weight off is much easier.