Doug Healy Encourages Companies To Look Into Renewable Energy

When businesses want to make wise decisions for the future, they need to think of trying renewable energy at some point. Renewable energy is a good way for a company to make strides to remain sustainable. These businesses can make money from their renewable energy plans, and they can even work “off the grid” if they like. Continue reading to learn how renewable energy can make a business a better place to work and grow.

What Does Renewable Energy Do For Sustainability?

Doug Healy encourages companies to do everything they can to remain sustainable. A sustainable company is much more likely to save money over time. This is a good selling point for customers, and it is a nice thing to put on the website when the business wants to attract environmentally minded clients.

A sustainable business can get grants from the government, tax credits, and save money over time.

Can Renewable Energy Make Money?

Renewable energy can help companies make money because these businesses will be able to sell any extra energy, they collect back to the power company. Large businesses have a lot of property that can be used to collect renewable energy. These businesses can use that energy to pay for other parts of the business that are important. These companies can use that money to invest in other things, and that extra money also gives the company a cushion when there are lean seasons or difficulties with the economy.

Renewable energy that makes money can be found throughout the facility. A business that has a lot of buildings can put solar panels on every roof. These solar panels can collect energy all day, and the company can produce all its own power. The excess power goes to the power company, and the power company writes a check for that power at the end of the month.

A company that has a lot of property can put up wind turbines, and these wind turbines can create even more energy for the business. This might help the company go completely green, and the wind turbines will add a bit of character to the property.

Companies that are near rivers or bodies of water can use small dams to create hydroelectric power. This is a good way for these companies to produce power and remain committed to green planning. These companies can also use solar panels or wind turbines to power water pumps. These businesses can work with the power that they create, and they do not need to plug into municipal superstructures. This is important because the greater community can see that the business is green.

When a business would like to move into a new town, that town might not want the company to be there. The business can show that it has done a lot of good work to remain sustainable and green. The community can see evidence of that, and the business can move into the community with no trouble.

Working “Off The Grid” Helps

Some businesses need to know that they can work “off the grid” because they cannot afford to shut down at any point. Because of this, these businesses should use renewable energy as suggested by Doug Healy. When storms and power outages come through the area, the company can continue to work. The company can keep its customers safe, workers safe, and prevent any damage to the building because of power surges in the area.

Businesses can also appeal to employees and potential clients by saying that their campus is powered by renewable energy. The company has invested in all these energy programs, and that is an easy way to show that the company is more committed to the planet than it is to profits. This is a good message to send globally, and this also allows you to create a better facility that is not guided by the local power grid. Plus, you can see that the company works “off the grid” when the solar panels and wind turbines are spread around the property.

Renewable Energy Is The Wave Of The Future

Power companies need to show that they are investing in renewable energy, and that is why they are looking for businesses that will partner with them. If you manage a business that would like to use renewable energy, you should go to the power company to get help with the wind turbines and solar panels. The power company will aid, and they might also provide help with the tax credits and rebates that are allowed for these programs.

Renewable energy might also be a good reason for a power company to start shutting down their power plants or converting them to coal. When this is the case, a big company can claim that they were a part of the change. A small business can make the same claim, and that will help the company show that they are committed to the community.

Renewable Energy Is Easier To Control

When a company has solar panels or wind turbines installed around the property, there are converters and controllers used to manage these systems. Because these systems are designed to be as simple as possible, the company can learn to manage these systems for themselves. These companies are going to be able to adjust their systems, and they do not need to rely on the power company if there is a problem.

Switch To Renewable Energy Right Away

When a business wants to switch to renewable energy, it should look at what all the options are. The company can make a lot of money, and the company can show the community that it has invested in renewable energy. You can change your company over to renewable energy, and you can work with the power company to make a difference. If there are issues with these systems, they are simple to control. A business can make money from all the extra power it produces, avoid power surges, and look environmentally friendly.