Cube It

Stackable 13-inch storage cubes from Yube are affordable ($30 each), customizable, and eco-friendly. The cubes are made from sugarcane waste fibers, and the frames from “Woodlite,” or moldable plastic mixed with bamboo and timber waste. Because they can be stacked back-to-back or top-to-bottom, the Yube cubes can be configured as a desk, shelf unit, nightstand, bookshelf or other storage space. Doors ($5/white, $24.50/custom image) are offered in a range of colors and patterns.


Return of the Bean Bag

It doesn’t get much more comfy than a bean bag chair, but it can get more environmentally friendly. Enter the EcoSak, a bean bag chair covered in 100% certified organic cotton and filled with recycled foam, available in the kid-sized Lounger Jr. ($174.95), the adult-sized Original ($299.95) and other variations. Covers are washable and extra foam can be added to achieve optimal plumpness.


Reclaimed Comfort

The Alpine bedroom collection from JHE’s Log Furniture Place is made from reclaimed barnwood, meaning there’s lots of built-in character and warmth in the 100-year-old-plus wood. The Alpine Platform Bed ($1,520/full, $1,750/king), with its solid, sizable headboard, manages to be both rustic and modern at once. A built-in trundle and free shipping sweeten the deal.

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