Solar-Heated Showers


The Sunward Solar Hot Water System (from $6,199) works in any climate, collects solar energy via a photovoltaic panel, and transfers that heat via a circulating fluid to a heat exchanger that provides supplemental hot water for the home. There’s only one moving part—a magnetic pump powered by the PV panel—and no external power source is required. Tap into state and federal solar incentives and enjoy reduced energy bills for over 25 years. Roof- and ground-mount kits are also available.

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Glass from large industries requires massive amounts of heat to create and energy to transport, but Portland, Oregon, company Second Glass recovers damaged or junk windshields and createsunique shower enclosures, fireplace fronts, room partitions and cabinet doors. By making use of otherwise unwanted glass, the company’s saving on the carbon emissions of new manufacture and freeing up landfill space—shower doors, for instance ($285 for a 24 x 64-inch frameless shower door) are made of 90% recycled materials.

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