Planting New Home Ideas


The best way to start seeds may well be Soil Blockers , like this one by Ladbrooke. It’s imported from England, where soil blocking is the norm for letting seeds sprout. This model ($29.99) makes four 2” blocks when filled with potting mix, perfect for sticking seeds in and watering. When the roots hit the air, they stop growing, and the sprouted blocks can be easily planted with no crumpled plastic flats to throw away—and no digging out and damaging of young roots. —Brita Belli

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Proper ventilation can be tricky when you’re dealing with small spaces— Panasonic’s Whisper Wall fan ($188) makes it a whole lot easier. When you’d like to get your indoor air moving, but don’t have room for a ceiling fan, this compact wall fan—10-1/8 inches square—can fit into existing ducts and fan spaces inside walls and ceilings, with templates and 8-inch diameter duct sleeve included. And the energy efficiency of the fan—just 18 watts of electricity to produce 70 cubic feet per minute of breeze—far surpasses the government’s Energy Star standard. —B.B.

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Installing a Native Trails farmhouse sink ($2,825) in the kitchen is akin to adding a work of art.Each sink is handmade from recycled materials in Central Mexico, a region known for its coppersmith heritage.Starting with sheets of heavy-gauge copper made from salvaged telephone wire and copper tubing, Native Trails artisans work the metal into beautiful, earth-friendly, functioning works of art.Less costly options include bowl-style bathroom sinks, copper accents and copper tiles. —Erin Schneider

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