Ear Candy for the Planet

Singer-songwriter Jack Johnson is among 40 artists to donate tracks to "1%: The Music, Vol. One."© Askmen.com

1% For the Planet, a network of 1,000-plus companies that donate 1% of annual sales to environmental causes, has announced the January 5, 2010, release of the digital music compilation: "1%: The Music, Vol. One." The album contains exclusive tracks donated by 40 different artists, including Jack Johnson, Jackson Browne, Mason Jennings, G. Love and The Submarines.

Melody Grote, VP of marketing and business development for 1% says, "We realize the power artists have to inspire. Jack Johnson was our 50th 1% member; when he traveled on his tour "In Between Dreams," we watched the phone ring off the hook town-by-town as he traveled around the world playing and sharing his sustainability message. Fans listen to an artist’s music and are inspired to get involved themselves."

Folk-rock trio The Spring Standards add: "Slacker musicians aren’t in as good a position to help out the planet as, say, a really smart scientist. But I’m pretty sure that a compilation of songs by really smart scientists would suck, so we’re doing what we can to help out and hope everyone else does the same."

The digital album retails for $9.99, and all proceeds will go to 1% for the Planet to benefit environmental nonprofits internationally. The music will be available on iTunes and Amazon.com beginning January 5. Offline, people can purchase "eco download" cards at most Patagonia stores through the rest of December and additional retail outlets starting in January.

Made from 100% recycled materials, the eco download card is a CD alternative that allows consumers to download the tracks at home by entering a promo code on the site onepercentfortheplanet.org. "You can redeem music from the URL any timewith the code provided [on the eco download card] and the full website will launch in early January (alongside the official release)," says Grote.

Started in 2002 by Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and Blue Ribbon Flies owner Craig Mathews, 1% for the Planet is an international network of businesses committed to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

SOURCE: 1% for the Planet