Earth (A Poem) Verses to help us appreciate the vitality of nature during this time of global stress

The sunrise in the morning
And sunset red serene
The flower on the meadow
And leaves on trees so green

The eagle high above
The sparrow in its nest
The deer in the forest
Lying down to rest

The elephant with baby
On savannah roam
The ant in his anthill
Spending time at home

The waterfall cascading
To fall on rocks below
A river swift and winding
As vital waters flow

Marine life in the ocean
And fish in the lakes
The rain rejuvenating
And life on earth awakes

The prairies and the flatlands
Majestic mountains high
The shifting desert sands
O’er which the camels ply

Winter in the Arctic
Gripped in ice and snow
A polar bear is fishing
For prey that moves too slow

Jungles in the tropics
The clever chimpanzee
An island paradise
Emeralds of the sea

The canyons and the valleys
Magnificent and grand
A woven tapestry
Of many colored strand

The sky an azure blue
The precious air we breathe
This and all the other
Lead us to believe

The beauty on this planet
Was here before we came
We rule with abandon
One day they’ll do the same

We’re all in this together
Warnings we should heed
Precarious we cling
And through the cosmos speed

The final reckoning
And consequence not faced
A tiny insect stirs
Midst the rubble and the waste

All of humankind
And all we’ve ever done
May forever vanish
Like a teardrop in the sun