Earthtalk Green Living Book

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Can the pesticide residues in my food harm me?

Can household chemicals hurt my pets?

Why should I buy organic?

Should I get a hybrid car?

What can I do for the environment in my daily life?

Experts suggest that by 2005, nearly 40% of Americans will buy organic products and make environmentally beneficial choices in every aspect of their daily living. Yet, large majorities of people who identify themselves as environmentally conscious today have a limited understanding of how to actually make informed green choices.


Now, from the editors of E – The Environmental Magazine comes GREEN LIVING, the first truly comprehensive, user-friendly guide to living lightly on the earth.

Featuring the latest information on earth-friendly living, GREEN LIVING is chock-full of information about where to find everything from planet-friendly cosmetics to home-based renewable energy. Some of the invaluable information provided in this one-of-a kind guide includes:

* How to maintain a healthy home
* Going organic and avoiding genetically modified food
* Finding a planet friendly car
* Making responsible investments that help the environment
* Using personal-care products free of unhealthy chemicals


Straightforward, jargon free and user friendly (with easy-to-read sidebars, reference numbers and relevant website addresses throughout), GREEN LIVING is an indispensable guide for those who want to make a difference in their daily living for themselves and the world around them.

This book continues E – The Environmental Magazine‘s great tradition of providing readers with practical tips for living healthier, more eco-friendly lives … I encourage everyone to open it immediately and find at least one green action to take right away.”

–Alisa Gravitz, executive director, Co-op America

Green Living is the most thorough guide to the sustainable lifestyle I’ve seen. If you’re looking for timely advice on everything from pesticide-free food to hybrid cars, your search has ended.”

–Ed Begley, Jr. actor and environmental activist

Green Living should be in the library of all Americans who are concerned with building strong, safe, healthy communities. It is a resource guide for everybody.”

–Lois Gibbs, Love Canal activist, executive director,
Center for Health, Environment and Justice