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EarthTalk Testimonials

EarthTalk is more than feel-good environmentalism.

EarthTalk offers nuts-and-bolts, down-to-earth advice. It also gives sources for further

information. We are lucky to have EarthTalk as a regular feature for

our readers.

– Tim Fleischer, Publisher, Salado

(TX) Village Voice

EarthTalk is a brilliant concept. It allows

us to indulge our readers in the guilty pleasure of a “Dear Abby”

style advice column, while imparting a tremendous amount of ‘good

for you’ information. It’s like having your veggies and eating

them, too.”

– Hillary Johnson, Editor, Ventura (CA) County


EarthTalk makes an interesting addition for

the readers of our community newspaper. From an editor’s point

of view, the fact that the column is well-researched and informative,

and that sources are listed, was the deciding factor in signing on.”

– Susan Avedissian, Editor, Cape May (NJ)

Star and Wave

“I was at first skeptical as to how an ‘environmental’

column could present information in a format that was both interesting

and factual. However, EarthTalk manages to present

information for people concerned about green issues in a forthright

manner substantiated by expert citations. I especially like that at

the end of each question, listed are Web addresses, telephone numbers

and addresses of various agencies, companies, experts and organizations

that can be contacted for more information.”

– Gwen Break, Editor, The Walton Sun, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“The general public may not think so, but African Americans are

concerned about the environment as well. As an African American publication,

EarthTalk fits into our plans of publishing more non-traditional

news and information.”

– Stan Washington, Editor, The Atlanta Voice

“We’ve only been running EarthTalk for three

weeks and already are receiving notes from readers overjoyed at this

column. Here in Savannah, we don’t get much environmental input, and

this column really fills a need!”

– Cima Star, Editor,

“I use EarthTalk as a column every month. My

readers are senior citizens and because of their age they are in favor

of doing everything to protect the environment. We get positive feedback

from readers about EarthTalk.”

– Bill Duncan, Editor, The Senior Times,

Roseburg, OR

“The Earthtalk column is a nice

addition to our weekly OUTDOORS page, and provides our readers with

a broad perspective of environmental topics.

– Andrew Scot Bolsinger, Editor, Ashland

(OR) Daily Tidings

“We are a small publication in Birmingham, Alabama. EarthTalk

helps us provide interesting content about global issues we would otherwise

be unable to cover. Free content, which is both high quality and dependable,

helps us compete with other, larger papers in our market.”

– Lee Waites, Editor, The Birmingham Free


“The EarthTalk columns … are definitely

a nice asset to this paper and a great resource for my readers.”

– Rhonda Leapley, Editor, The Coleridge (NE)


“I really like EarthTalk as an addition to our Viewpoint pages. And our readers respond well to it. We have gotten a good number of positive comments on it.

While we otherwise use all original material and local writers in our newspapers (no wire services), we appreciate the expertise and research put into EarthTalk.”

– Janet Manko, Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, The Lakeville Journal, Millerton News, Lakeville, CT

“We use them in our monthly theme pages; i.e., home & garden, wheel and motor, money matters, health and wellness, senior scene and family safety. Send more good stuff.”

– Linda Beam, Editor, Stanwood/Camano (WA) NEWS

“I’m very impressed with the feature. I believe our readers like it. I like it because it is easy and can be tailored to our needs and our format/layout.”

– Fred R. Pfisgter, The Ozarks Mountaineer, Branson, MO

“I think you do a great job. I run the column in our teen section under ecology and I know that the teachers enjoy using it in their classrooms..”

– Cynthia Kirkeby,

“Thank you for give me the opportunity to share with my readers the priceless articles of your magazine.”

– Amilcar Arroyo, El Mensajero Newspaper, Hazleton, PA

“You’re doing a great service to the world of publishing. I am also grateful that it is a free service. I would be unable to include it if it were not. Thank you..”

– Catherine Carey, Town Life, White Bear Lake, MN

“I’m very pleased with your writing and the balanced approach taken. Thank you for offering this at no charge. At a time when newspapers are struggling to stay afloat, interesting content like this is important.”

– Mike McKibbin, Editor, Citizen Telegram, Rifle, CO

“I sincerely appreciate your work, it’s lucid and salient content. I raise my hat to you for such a commendable product. Thank you.”

– Hezi Aris, Publisher / Editor, Westchester Herald, Riverdale, NY

“I love EarthTalk’s ease of use! Since we’re a monthly, there is always a lot for me to choose from in terms of topics. AND, you provide great artwork, which is really important for a smaller magazine. Keep up the good work!

– Erika Isler, Editor, College Magazine, State College, PA

“If all columns submitted were like yours, I would be a very happy person. Keep up the good work!”

– Connie Seaton, Tennessee Star Journal, Pigeon Forge, TN

“Thank you so much, Doug. Our readers and I love "EarthTalk"!

– Iolanda Palai, Panorama Latino, Houston, TX

“We’ve gotten a great reaction to the column – the students at the University of Michigan’s campus really seem to enjoy it and engage with it. The photos and/or illustrations were a great idea!”

– Becca Rueble, Editor-in-Chief, The Michigan Independent, University of Michigan

“I like how the weekly installment usually comes with one article regarding something people can do themselves (like non-toxic alternatives to insect control) and one regarding the global picture (climate change, greening cities).”

– Marie Chomicki, Editor, Dillsburg (PA) Banner

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