Seven Eco Friendly Ways To Save Money

Those up for a challenge may want to consider not just going eco friendly but also look to save money doing so.  The trend to up cycle to create sustainable circular economies is set to grow as we move into 2020 and the countdown to reaching environment and climate change targets.

Get a head start on your contribution by using these seven friends of the earth type ways to save money and start becoming more eco friendly.

Make Your Big Life Decisions Eco Friendly

With the call to cut carbon emissions, why not start making the big decisions be as eco friendly as possible.  Key expenditure for most households is for the home itself and transportation.  

Whilst moving to a new house may not be an option, there are many ways to help make a home more energy efficient.   Loft insulation is the perfect place to start. New builds now require 270mm insulation, so make sure yours is up to the new standards.  Also, keep the HVAC and air ducts properly cleaned, which will improve efficiency and reduce power costs. It may also extend their lives by several years.

As for transportation, bear in mind that around the globe, Governments will be under increasing pressure to rewards moves to Hydrogen or All Electric vehicles and penalize those who stay with petrol and diesel fueled motors.  In urban areas, car sharing with firms like Zipcar and Peer to Peer Car Rental firms is an option to bear in mind. For those who need their own wheels, you may not want to switch just yet, however, start checking out the options currently available.  Thinking about the cost savings of a full charge being under $15 for up to 200 miles may make most people give some pause for thought.  

Just to throw in another transport alternative, why not look into e-Bikes?  Getting in some fresh air and exercise with a speedy boost as you zip along the road and move to the front of the line at stoplights may just make commuting more enjoyable too

Two down and five more ways below to save money whilst becoming more eco friendly below.

Save Loads Cleaning Green and Saving On Household Items Throughout Your Home

Getting into the eco friendly frame of mind can help save lots of money and makes a good way to involve all the family.  Try these for a start.

  • Instead of turning up the heat, put on an extra layer.  Keeping the temperature at a constant level instead of switching on and off helps ensure that systems are not overtaxed at peak periods.   Start using those decorative throws and quilts tucked into closets to snuggle up with sitting on the sofa instead of turning up the heat. Also, if some rooms are not being used, turning the temperature down in those rooms and keeping the door closed also helps trim energy bills.
  • Lighting, as well as switching off lights in rooms which are not being use.  Move to using all energy saving bulbs throughout the home will help too. Choose from CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps) and LEDs (light emitting diodes).  Typical savings on lighting is 2/3rds the cost of ordinary bulbs.

It is not just about what you do, it is also about how you do it, and cleaning is often overlooked as a way to save money and become eco friendly. 

  • Get a head start on moving to green cleaning products by giving your home a spring clean any time of year.  Keeping it clean using all natural products will save money on the vast array of products which aren’t really needed.  All you really need to clean is some white vinegar, baking soda and some olive oil, along with your favorite energizing fresh essential oils.  Ditch air sprays and plug-in diffusers and use reed type or mist type diffusers instead.
  • Even with the laundry, make it a point to only wash full loads and consider air drying your clothes whenever possible.  Likewise, for any ironing, instead of ironing at the last minute, save money by ironing everything at the same time.

Get Invisible Spending Under Control

Invisible spending are those small things you purchase without paying much attention or thought.  Make a list and see which are the ones where an eco friendly change may pay dividends.  

Calculate the annual costs of your daily routines and vow to cut back.  I you find any of the following appear, use it as an opportunity to develop good habits.

  • Take out drinks like coffee, hot chocolate, and tea (bring one from home or invest in a reusable cup which usually earns a discount)
  • Take out lunches, chocolates, crisps and snacks, soda and bottled water. Learn to drink tap water instead and make more use of your reusable cup.  As for the take out lunches and snacks, add to your grocery list at lower cost and bring in with you, including the cutlery.

Another big area of invisible spending is for subscriptions as well as those impulse buys because they catch your eye or you are bored.  Every $8.50 per month saved is $100 more after tax income in your pocket.

  • Printed newspapers, magazines, catalogues, and books.  Why not read on your smartphone, laptop or tablet? Prices are much less and there is no extra weight in your bag.  Just be careful that you don’t switch your impulse buying habits to buying more items in digital form.
  • Subscription memberships of all types too, whether they are in physical form or digital.  Look to cut back where you can. Do you really need more than one subscription provider of films or music?  

One final way to save money and become more eco friendly, and it is something which might just make the biggest difference not just to your life, but many other lives as well.

Clothes at Christmas and Beyond

We all love getting something new to wear.  However, there is no doubt that the fashion industry is one area where “needs and wants” have been confused by consumers.  Start making up cycling clothes as much fun being trendy and help create sustainable economies.  Here are some ideas to be more eco friendly which will save money in the medium to long term.

  • Buyer’s regret gets you down and makes it more likely that you’ll buy more.  Instead of thinking you’ll lose the five pounds to make that new item fit, just return it and get the size which fits you now.
  • Limit your buys to one at a time by making a list of what you actually need and sticking to it.  Ensuring that your clothing is made from natural fibers can also make a big impact on the environment.
  • Wear that party dress more than once.  Many party frocks are only ever worn once.  Wearing one at least one more time saves paying for a new one.  Friends who are the same size can often swap a dress for a special night out too.  If that is not to your liking, try buying from a vintage shop or even hiring one for the weekend.  

Last Thoughts for Now

Hopefully these ways to save money and get on the eco friendly wave will inspire you to think a little differently about your choices in your household.  Whichever way you choose to make conscious decisions to be eco friendly, the important thing is simply to remember to keep making them.