Environmental Defense Provides Green Ratings on Yahoo! Autos

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The nonprofit research and advocacy organization Environmental Defense announced last week that it is teaming up with Yahoo! Autos to provide car buyers with easy-to-access information on how various new car and truck models stack up in terms of environmental performance and fuel efficiency. Thanks to the partnership, consumers browsing the free Yahoo! Autos website can see green ratings on various cars and trucks right next to vehicle prices and other common specs.

“Consumers can think of the Yahoo! Green Rating as a yardstick that measures how well a given car cuts pollution,” says John DeCicco, senior fellow for automotive strategies at Environmental Defense. “The Yahoo! Green Rating covers all of the major environmental impacts associated with a motor vehicle, from health-harming tailpipe pollution to greenhouse gases that cause global warming,” he adds.

Yahoo! Autos is one of the most popular automobile comparison sites on the Internet. Environmental Defense hopes the inclusion of its green car ratings there will have an impact on which models consumers choose. To access the Green Ratings and see the Yahoo! Autos new Green Center, go to http://autos.yahoo.com/green_center/.

Source: www.environmentaldefense.org/pressrelease.cfm?ContentID=558