Environmental Trends for 2021

Whilst 2020 witness the adverse effects of a global crisis that not only impacted our lives but also the way we worked, there were some positive changes as well. For instance, owing to less activity, air pollution decreased and global emissions went down 7%. Unfortunately, these changes are temporary. With an apprehensive economic recovery, emissions are bound to come back. Further, the low oil prices and an uncertain future have led to a reduction in the desirability to invest in energy efficiency or renewable energy.

As we return to normalcy, certain daily lifestyles and activities have been changed for good. Here are some of the eco-wellness trends predicted for the year 2021.

Hybrid Living

The near future’s going to witness a blend of virtual and in-person living. As virtual festivals and VR concerts continue to thrive, virtual office is an everyday reality, as are virtual workouts, the preferred norm and virtual happy hours, the latest trend! In other words, a large part of our social life’s moving online including the onset of online-only friendships!

There will be a huge surge in investing in ergonomic and comfortable home work space, fashion choices and beauty habits that are better equipped for Zoom Calls and apps that will help us stay connected, communicate, collaborate, get entertained and socialize better than before! For instance, sports enthusiasts will now be able to play and bet on their favorite sports games from anywhere, on sites like MyBookie Canada. In short, hybrid living is the new norm.

360° Brands

The social media hype has made it difficult for brands to get away with mistakes and no matter how small a misstep, the social platforms are bound to be filled with criticisms and complaints at the press of a button. The real disapproval’s reserved for those who don progressive ethics without actually practicing them. For instance, an ecological fashion brand promoting animal leather isn’t going to go down well with the masses anytime soon! Today’s consumer is much more aware and educated and has no time or patience for mistakes, so businesses need to wizen up and act on their values. Social and environmental concerns must be addressed.

Diverse and Up-cycled Fashion

In the changing scenario, fashion industry’s going to be experience the most change. From diverse designs that include styles and shapes by all kinds of humans for all kinds of humans, to local produce to made-to-measure stuff, will become the norm. In order to eliminate textile waste and other associated surplus, many sustainable fashion brands are now looking at circularity, by using previous discards to create new pieces. And finally, manufacturing uprightness is called for, where the apparel brands come out clean on how their garments are made, who makes them and where!

Women Entrepreneurs

The age of women entrepreneur is finally here. Nearly 70% of the consumer purchasing decisions are made by women and yet a vast majority of brands are led by men. The time is ripe for women-led and managed, women-owned and founded brands and women should also be the decisive force in getting products on the shelves, right from inception to retailing.

Be Climate Positive

Being carbon neutral won’t cut it anymore. Even though it is commendable that many companies are committed towards reducing their carbon footprint, come tomorrow, the brands which are all for climate positivity are going to be the clear winners.