E’s Green Home Picks: Cool Summer Ideas

hp hotpotbbq

A BBQ Built For Two

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as a multifunctional tool, appliance or home product when space is in short supply. Particularly when said object manages two unlikely combined tasks. Enter the Hot-Pot BBQ ($124) from Black+Blum, a terracotta pot (14.6 X 10.6 in.) whose top portion is ideal for growing herbs and whose middle conceals a small, stainless steel grill perfect for an intimate BBQ on a small terrace or balcony. Tongs (with hideaway hole) included.



Electrolux is getting serious about its environmental commitments—encouraging people to recycle old appliances through their Swap and Save program, and developing a line of lovely looking Energy Star-rated washing machines. The Energy Star-approved Front-Load Washer with IQ Touch Controls ($1,399) features an 18-minute “Fast Wash Cycle” and LED lighting. It’s 75% more energy-efficient and uses 56% less water than top-loading models, according to their site.


hp coolnsave1

Recommended by eco-celeb Ed Begley, Jr. both on his reality show “Living with Ed” and in his Guide to Sustainable Living, the Cool-N-Save ($99.95) employs the same cooling strategy for home air conditioners that commercial buildings use. The flapper valve attaches to the top of most home central air conditioning units and activates misters when the A/C is on. Water (connected by an outdoor spigot via a filter and tubing) is released in a fine mist around the A/C, lowering surrounding air temperatures. Your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard to cool your home, saving energy and money (the company claims it can reduce your monthly electricity bills by up to 30%).