E’s Green Home Picks: Versatility A Super Durable Griddle/Grill, Rainbow-Colored Handmade Rugs and the Savvy Rest Mattress

Sleep Solutions

For anyone prone to allergies, chemical sensitivities or bouts of sleeplessness, a comfortable mattress made of nontoxic materials can make a real difference. The Savvy Rest organic mattress comes in three varieties, all made with 3-inch layers of latex in your preferred firmness and covered with organic cotton quilted casings stuffed with organic wool batting ($2,539/queen for Serenity; $4,089/queen for Serenity Pillowtop). Couples can designate different levels of firmness for their sides, and there are plenty of other organic bedding options (from sheets, to crib mattresses, to dog beds) available. savvyrest.com

Grilling and Griddling

The Sparq Soapstone Indoor Outdoor Griddle/Grill Combo (11.5” x 15”, $99.95) is incredibly versatile and durable. Handmade in Colorado from a solid block of soapstone from factory excess, the griddle/grill can be heated up to 1,200 degrees, over twice what cast iron and metal cookware can handle. You can use it for grilling or flapjack-cooking on your stovetop, or in the oven as a pizza stone or cookie sheet, and get a uniform heat distribution. Outdoors, lay the griddle on your grill-top to get the taste benefits of high-heat grilling without the unwanted carcinogens from cooking over flames. organicbug.com

Walking on Sunshine

We are a little bit in awe of the handmade rugs ($89/30” across round; $88/24” x 36” oval, and up) produced by Laury of Etsy shop Green at Heart, all made from T-shirts purchased from local charities that are washed, cut into strips, dyed with water-based dyes and sewn together into intricate patterns. Some patterns resemble circular rainbows or sunbursts, others feature alternating color braids. In any case, rug shoppers are free to choose their preferred colors, patterns and size. etsy.com/people/greenatheart