Greener Goods Through Etsy Earth One Group of Etsy Merchants Are Promoting All Things Green

Popular online retailer Etsy is “the place to buy and sell all things handmade and vintage,” and, lately, all things earth-friendly, too. This can be credited in part to the 56 merchants and counting on the Etsy Earth team devoted to “an earth- and human-friendly vision” who are focused on creating goods that “reduce the presence of artificial additives, synthetic preservatives, harmful pesticides and toxic chemicals in our lives.” A dedicated Etsy Earth store features over 1,000 products, including organic baby blankets; hypoallergenic laundry detergent in eye-catching jars; Shea butter lip gloss with organic hemp seed oil; plush bamboo viscose and organic cotton terry bathrobes; handmade herbal teas and caramel apple jams; upcycled pet clothes and more.

Etsy Earth, Credit: Zutaten, FlickrCC

Their mission to promote sustainability goes beyond the consumer marketplace with a related blog, The “action” page urges buyers to “pledge a commitment to new habits that can begin to heal our planet in an accelerated manner.” One pledge, “sea of love,” discourages buying drinks in petroleum-based plastic bottles, using plastic bags or purchasing unsustainable seafood, all of which leave devastating impacts on the worlds’ oceans whether by contributing to floating offshore garbage patches or to the diminishment of species. The site’s “question of the month” offers insights to inquiries such as “What are your concerns about the personal care and cleaning products that are on the market today?” and “Where do you buy your produce and what type of rules do you have in making your decisions for finding/buying organic?” Other add-ons include “orgs we love,” which promotes favorite organizations that are “doing amazing things,” as well as gardening tips and movie and book suggestions.