Fast Fashion Is Destroying The Environment, Here’s 3 Ways To Help

Going green and being environmentally conscious has never been more prevalent than now. Electric cars, paper straws, reusable bags. While all these wonderful initiatives are doing their part, there is a silent killer amongst us that continues to grow, and that many are not aware of.

What if I told you that this killer was responsible for about 31% of plastic pollution in our oceans? Or that they emit more than all international and maritime shipping combined, making up 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions? Or that they are the world’s second-largest consumer of water, using so much water that in one case some experts claim it dried up the Aral sea in just 50 years?

You’re probably asking yourself right now why the world is not going to war with this industry. But it’s complicated, because it produces one of life’s necessities and we all fund it.

We are not talking about a nation’s military. Nor is it a criminal organization. The industry that is silently killing our world is none other than fashion.

Hold on, don’t go burning and throwing away all your clothes yet (that’s actually a huge part of the problem).  Fortunately for us, and Mother Earth, there are some emerging companies who are leading the way in sustainable fashion. One of those companies is – a U.S. based men and women’s fashion brand creating high quality, long lasting, sustainable, EveryWEAR.  Here are some ways that Proto101 is reinventing the apparel industry, and hoping to set an example on how to produce fashion more sustainably.


Proto101 uses only the finest quality materials to make shirts that last. They use American-grown Supima cotton and Tencel, both of which reduce the impact to the environment by using less water and pesticides. These materials are far superior to the cheap and toxic polyester, which releases up to three times more carbon emissions than cotton while also contaminating the ocean, as it doesn’t break down.


Proto101 provides traditional cuts and colors that can be used for any situation and match anything, consolidating your wardrobe.

Big fashion brands such as Zara and H&M have been known to put out 12-24 collections annually – making big bucks by supplying the world with fresh supplies of fashion. However, it’s at the cost of the world’s health.

This process is called fast fashion, and essentially produces clothes at the cheapest cost as fast as possible for consumer markets. The more clothes that are circulated, the more emissions and contamination the fashion industry puts out. Here’s a couple facts to put things in perspective….

  1. While clothing is necessary for everyone, 85% of all textiles end up in landfills. “Maybe we can burn clothes instead?”, you might ask. That would only add to the alarming amount of toxic emissions the fashion industry produces.
  2. On average, It takes 700 gallons of water to create a cotton t-shirt. For a pair of jeans, that’s another 2,000 gallons. Combined, that’s 8 glasses of drinking water every single day for almost 14 years…

Sustainable Initiatives:

In order to neutralize their carbon footprint, Proto101 is on a mission to plant 50,000 trees this year.

All cotton used in Proto101’s garments is grown to meet the standards of Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it and better for the environment it grows in. The BCI is a third-party global sustainability program.

Proto101’s fabric has been tested and certified to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 toxins and chemicals by OekoTex, a global third-party standard on testing textiles for harmful substances.

Proto101 ships their products in a compostable, biodegradable package that is made of 100% recycled materials. The plastic bag protecting each piece is also made of 100% recycled plastic.

It’s safe to say that buying less and buying better quality is a great way to do your part in protecting Earth, both of which can be done by supporting a leader in sustainable fashion: Proto101.