Find Out What Scares You The Most Based On Your Sun Sign

Being afraid of something is a part of life. Someone is afraid to lose something, while someone is afraid to let go of someone. We all have different fears. But have you ever thought maybe your fears could be based on your sun signs? Some of you may find this relatable and be able to understand why you fear something which others don’t.

Let’s find out which zodiac sign fears what in their respective lives.


Aries fear going unnoticed. They want to make a significant impact on the world, and that is why they fear that if they fail, everything they do will go unnoticed. They want to leave a mark on the world, and this keeps them awake at night.


Taurus fears change. They are more comfortable in a routine and structured life. Even with a slight change happening around them, it makes them really uncomfortable. They are creatures of habits, and any change is unacceptable to them.


Geminis fear losing their freedom. They are very restless but independent creatures who get very bored quickly. The biggest fear they have is falling into a rut and not experiencing new things in life.  Is there a new adventure waiting for you? Find out in the Gemini horoscope today.


Cancer fears rejection. They are compassionate, and they don’t take criticism that well. They keep their emotions to themselves with the fear of being misjudged by someone close to them. 


Leo’s biggest fear is being forgotten. They hate being ignored and can never stand it. They expect to be remembered by everyone and fear that their identity will disappear from the world one day.


Virgos fear failing. Since they are perfectionists, they are afraid of losing their own vision. They set really high bars for themselves, and their biggest fear is not being able to meet those expectations.


A Libra’s fear is making the wrong decision in life. They put in a lot of time before deciding, and their biggest fear is that they might end up taking a wrong move.


Scorpios fear that they might get betrayed by someone they love. This is the biggest fear of their lives, and that is why it takes so much time for a Scorpio to love someone.


Sagittarius fear that one day they might end up losing their freedom. They are adventurous people who are always on the go. They fear that one day they might get trapped and never be able to explore again.


Since they are hard-working people, they fear they won’t achieve their dreams and goals. They want to accomplish so much in their lives, and they fear they won’t be able to do it.


They fear that they will have to change for someone. They fear that they will have to settle down for societal norms, and things will no longer remain the way they wanted them to be.


They fear loneliness. Pisces love with all their hearts, and their biggest fear is being left by the one person they love the most. They are romantics at heart and don’t make calculated moves to love someone.

While some of us may have overcome our fears, while some of us might still be suffering, it’s okay to be scared, but more importantly, you should address those fears. You may seek the support of your family and friends who will surely help you out for the purpose.