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  1. Jason Fisher
    October 22, 2017 @ 1:05 am

    I believe our body is something beyond being described if to take into the accountability of if having “a gazillion” plates up in the air spinning, internal and external forces, if you will, some the spirit whom resides within the body has direct or some direct control as to the factors and some alike Mother Nature and the world in which we live in are present with little to nothing one could do or change and so be it they just are that minute by minute, second by second, a fraction of a second by each fraction are energy, positively or negatively impacting and all adding up to the sum of our existence, our everything, which by divine nature tries to naturally maintain and function within it’s natural balanced state, like the purr of a low rpm motor or a system that proves to be a well oiled machine, one most efficient and sustainable long term, as all through out history, example after example may be cited in affirming what we already know and have known for thousands of years.
    The time is now to regard our health as our greatest wealth and also that of our one Universe, it’s finite resources and the future of the many who will inherit our planet, for better or for worse. We have a moral and conscious responsibility to at least do this one thing collectively as each I don’t feel realizes how much he or she does truly effect the desired outcome.
    To simple, healthy and happy,


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