For a Healthier Planet: How Different Events Contribute to Environmental Action

For years, human actions have been causing adverse­ effects on Mother Earth. The repercussions of these­ actions have given rise to e­nvironmental issues that are wre­aking havoc and posing a threat to the health of both the planet and living creatures. We’re not just talking about humans, all wildlife is in danger due to these issues.

Among the most prevalent issues is pollution. This is usually a result of harmful waste created by human activity. This waste has a de­trimental impact on the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we consume. Eventually, it seeps into our bodie­s, causing contamination. Air pollution is the harshest of them all. Over 9 million people suffer premature death due to pollution, with most of them caused due to contaminations in the air, and recent studies claim that there is a correlation between pollution and mental health: An issue that has an alarming growth among young people.

Climate change stands as a significant environmental issue that warrants genuine concern. The primary cause of this phenomenon is due to the increase in global temperature­s, which stems from our combustion of fossil fuels. Other studies reveal that an alarming 74% of carbon emissions in the United States during 2019 directly originated from the burning of these non-renewable­ resources.

Climate change is impacted by various factors, not just global warming. The rapid growth of the human population and the destruction of nature caused by our actions also play significant role­s.

In light of this alarming scenario, it becomes clear that urgent action is required to protect our invaluable planet. One way to address environmental concerns is to increase awareness and raise funds through a variety of charitable events.

Poker Charity Tournaments

Poker has been widely played for years, both for entertainment and on a competitive level. One of the key factors contributing to the game’s imme­nse popularity lies in its strategic challenge, which draws players. The game demands critical thinking and careful evaluation of decisions for one to eme­rge victorious. Poker continues to attract enthusiasts worldwide, particularly when tournaments are announced. Poker tournaments can be held for various reasons and occasions. Of course, the most popular title is WSOP tournaments, but there are also events not just for fun or money, but for charity.

Poker charity tournaments aim to give players another motivation to win besides the usual financial aspect, contributing to the greater good. The funds that are raised through sponsors and other means are donated to environmental charities, which helps them fight the war against environmental issues.

Additionally, one of the most positive aspects of Poker charity tournaments is the awareness that is generated about the importance of environmental conservation. Both the participants and viewers in attendance are educated on these issues and urged to play their part in rectifying the situation.

Golf Tournaments

Golf is often seen as an elitist sport; however, a report suggests that the game’s reach is greater than 119 million! Golf tournaments are one of the most prestigious events by themselves, but they are even more so when conducted for the noble cause of protecting our planet.

The incentive for these is the same as other charity events; however, some organizations go a step further. They ensure that the golf tournament is conducted on a golf field that is sustainable so that wastage, especially of water, is minimal.

The entire tournament revolves around creating awareness for the environmental issues being faced and raising funds through sponsors. These proceeds are then donated to trustworthy charities so you can be sure your money is being put to fighting the good fight.


Running a marathon is not everyone’s cup of tea, but you’ll be more motivated if you know it is for a good cause. Labeled as green marathons, these events focus on gathering people willing to run for miles for environmental change. These marathons either collect an entry fee from participants, which covers the charity, or sponsors vow to donate.

There is still competition among the participants. Those who finish first receive medals or trophies, signifying their victory. Green marathon organizers ensure these rewards are made using sustainable materials to raise further awareness. At the end of the day, funds collected from the marathon are pledged to charity, ensuring they are used to combat critical issues like pollution and climate change.

One of the most famous events is the London Marathon, with the slogan Run for Charity, and the history of fundraising more than £1 billion money.

Cycling Events

Sustainable and pollution-free cycles have long been known as a greener alternative to our transportation needs. Hosting cycling events for charity has become an effective way to counter environmental issues. One effective initiation is Friends of the Earth, which organizes the challenge Run or Cycle for Your Planet.

These events function similarly to marathons, except that donors or sponsors agree to donate a certain amount for every mile cycled. Reward and, in some cases, even money await the winners at the finish line. This is done to generate attention and get more participants involved, hence raising more money.

Closing Thoughts

The current state of our planet’s environment is critical. With most of it a result of our own actions, it’s up to us to fix the environment.

These sporting events being conducted to raise money for environmental issues aim to do exactly that. Apart from that, the awareness gathered is valuable and forces people to think about how they can do their part in this battle.